Worthing Comic Con 2017


Worthing Comic Con! Finally, a Comic Con right on my doorstep!  As most of you know, I live in Littlehampton which is literally less than 15 minutes away from Worthing so this was pretty exciting.  Also, I may be wrong, but I’m quite sure this was a first of it’s kind for Worthing.  Okay, so no way was it going to pull in any major guests (think LFCC) but it was going to be hella fun for all.

Obviously, doing this convention was a no brainer for me.  It was just for one day (Saturday) and quite honestly I had nothing to lose.  Infact the only problem I had was it clashed with a family engagement I had later that evening.  However, I decided to put on my Wonder Woman underwear and figured if the Con was over by 5pm and I just chucked everything in the car, I could be back home before 6pm, ready by 6:30pm, drive to Surrey by 7:30pm and be ready to parrrr-tayyyy.  Sounds like a plan.

I was doing this Con alone, mainly because Bret didn’t want to get up early on the Saturday morning and also because I wanted him to babysit my fur baby for the day.  However, he did agree to come with me the day before the event so that he could help me set up.

A Mini PlayBox Set Up

We decided to go for a smaller display, mainly because it was just for one day and I didn’t honestly know what to expect or how many people would turn up.

Keeping it Simple

We kept all the popular designs in plus a whole bunch of jewellery for different fandoms and basically just hoped for the best.

The next morning I arrived about an hour before the doors were due to open so I could finish up the display.  A lot of traders were rushing about stressed because the venue hadn’t opened for them as early as anticpated and I was extremely thankful that Bret and I had decided to come the day before.

Ooo, pretty stars wristband.  Love it!

I still had a bit of time before the hall opened to the public so I decided to have a quick nose around and see what was on offer.

Who doesn’t love a bit of Batman?

Obviously the hall wasn’t big enough to have a ton of display going on but I think they did well.  They had a Tardis up on the stage and in the guest room there was…..

OMG! A PINK Dalek!! How freaking awesome!!

I actually would have tried to take the pink Dalek home with me, if only it could have fit in my car 🙁

Now that was the last photo I took until the end of the day.  Why?  Let’s just say that once the door opened I barely got a chance to sit down.  I honestly never expected the flood of people that came through those doors, with at least 50% of them being in full on cosplay.  I was literally blown away by the humble folk of Worthing, yeah we know how to get our geek on and compete with the big cities!  I have to admit there were times I wished Bret was with me.  Apart from having NO FREAKING TEA all day long and having to hide behind my shelving to sneak a bite of my sandwich whenever I could manage it, there was also the added stress of trying to do card transactions on my phone while customers were waiting patiently to pay with cash.

I honestly never expected it to be so busy and actually did regret the “simple” set up we had gone for.  People were having a great time, there was lots of prizes being won on stage with the organisers putting on their own version of “Deal or No Deal” and “Play Your Cards Right” god I must be so old to know that game.  There was also a cosplay competition and there was genuine shock at the amount of people who had actually dressed up for it.  Luckily things did quiet down at this time, although that was probably something to do with half the hall being up onstage.

And breathe!

The cosplay competition was amazing and as always I couldn’t believe the amount of time and effort that must have gone into a lot of the costumes.  One that did catch my eye was…

OMG! It’s Eric Draven from The Crow

Obviously I had to ask him for a photo because Bret would have disowned me otherwise.  You should all know by now that Bret is obsessed with The Crow and although I didn’t catch this gentleman’s name, he should know that Bret was VERY impressed.  It’s a YES from Bret!

The day had quietened down by this point so I decided to do some discreet tidying on my table.  That is trader’s code for “packing up early”.  Let me tell you that loading out isn’t any fun but it’s even worse when you have to do it by yourself and walk back and forth to the car 5 times, which of course I conveniently parked at the far side of the car park!

However, my Wonder Woman underwear did indeed save the day and I miraculously got home before 6pm which meant that my boys and I arrived in Surrey on time for my Auntie’s and Cousin’s birthday party!  WOOOOO!! Party On!!!

The PlayBox Team aka Pure Party Animals 😉

Actually you’re very lucky, I was a complete dork and accidently left my phone at home otherwise I would have done a massive family birthday party photo spam which you no doubt would have found as interesting as the hotel room photos I thrill you all with 😉

Anyway, I would just like to say that I had a fantastic day.  I was amazed at the turn out for the convention and had no idea how many fellow geeks there were in my area.  The organisers did a bloody fantastic job! Thank you to all my amazing (and very patient) customers that day, you were all an absolute pleasure to meet and I hope you all come back next year.