Walker Stalker London 2019


Just like Christmas, Walker Stalker only happens once a year and just like Christmas, we eagerly await it’s arrival.  Walker Stalker has always been a family affair for us, it’s the only one I do with both of my boys.  Now we might not be the biggest Walking Dead fans anymore, although the last season did redeem itself somewhat although still doesn’t make up for killing off Carl, what the fcuk were you thinking Gimple, we still do look forward to doing this convention.

Unfortunately there was a lot of negativity surrounding this year’s event.  A lot of the main guests, when I say a lot, I pretty much mean “all” had to either cancel their appearance or weren’t even announced at all.  Then there was some stuff going down with the organisers which I won’t go into here and it really made for a bad vibe all around.  As a trader, you have to be concerned about these things because at the end of the day, our living is based on people actually wanting to turn up!

Still, the show must go on and I decided to try and soldier on with a bit of positivity and not overthink the situation.  Afterall, it was still going to be a weekend away with my boys and we were still going to have a good time regardless.

The bad news was I still had to say good bye to this little guy:

Kinky was all packed for a weekend with his Gramma and Grandpa, I knew he would be well looked after but that didn’t stop me from crying as I said goodbye.  However, I soon learnt that those tears were nothing compared to the tears I wanted to cry during the journey.  Now usually, the Excel is about 1 hour and 40 minutes away, so lets say 2 hours with traffic.  It actually took us 3 and a half hours to get there and not even our carefully chosen playlist could soften the blow of that horrendous journey.

I have no idea how I managed to keep my cool but somehow I did, much to my boys relief.  At least we got there in one piece.  We off loaded all our gear and then went to collect our lanyards.

One thing I love about Walker Stalker is the lanyards, so much more sophisticated than wristbands 😉

Now, as usual, I’d already done most of the setting up at home so all that was left to do was get it all out of the boxes.  Makes life so much easier and even though we had double the space this time (we’ve come up in the world and booked ourselves not ONE but TWO tables!! WOO!) we still managed to get everything completed by 6pm.

Plenty of goodies to keep the Walking Dead fans happy!!

However, I had to dedicate a small part of my display on something to keep me happy:

Gotta LOVE my Resident Evil section <333

So that was us, all done!! With absolutely NO stress whatsoever.

My boys, relieved that they didn’t have to witness Mommy in meltdown mode.

So with everything set up, all that was left to do, was check into our hotel and settle in for the evening.  Thankfully our hotel was only a 5 minute walk away.  I’d actually changed it at the last minute because I found a great deal online.  Now, it didn’t look much from the outside but The Prince Regent Hotel was a good find.  They offer free bottles of water, free fruit juice and free fruit whenever you like.  You just head to the kitchen at any time and help yourself.  The triple room was big enough for us and had everything we could possibly need (and no I don’t get paid for writing this).

Also, another advantage is that on the road you walk up, it’s literally full of corner shops and places to get food.  Win!  Not that we got any food from there because Bret insisted we order MacDonald’s from Uber Eats because he was collecting the Monopoly pieces.  Okay then.  However, I will just say that I did miss my cocktails from Sticky Fingers (yes it was pretty selfish of Walker Stalker to move from the Olympia to the Excel for that very reason).

We settled down for the night and set our alarm for breakfast especially for Jesse because he is a big fan of a cooked breakfast in the morning unlike Bret and me who just prefer an extra 30 minutes in bed.

The next morning we got up early and headed for breakfast.  Now I hate to be picky considering that the breakfast is actually complimentry but NO BACON?????? Seriously??? NO BACON????? How can you have a cooked breakfast with no bacon? It’s just not right! Jesse was pretty disappointed to be honest but at least the fried eggs were really decent.

Oh well, at least we were fed and ready for the day.  With a spring in our step, off we set for the Excel.

Good morning from the PlayBox team, well two thirds anyway, the other third had already buggered off!

You will be pleased to know that they were the only pointless selfies we took all day, due to a combination of being busy and talking to family members so we just didn’t have time for anything else.  Infact we didn’t take many photos at all which of course is a good sign.  Bret however, did have a rather important photo op on the day.

This is the most FREAKING adorable photo op I have ever seen in my entire life!

Like how beautiful is that?  They look like best buddies!  I love it soooooo much!

The only other photo was of my beautiful Niece Samara and her favourite Cousin Jesse.

What a bundle of cuteness! And my Niece is pretty cute too 😉

Actually my Niece is the first Walker Stalker baby!  My brother was a volunteer at the very first London show back in 2016 and he met his girlfriend who was also a volunteer.  Put the two together and voilà MY NIECE! How cute is that?

So after a long day, we were ready to go back to our hotel and order another bloody MacDonald’s from Uber Eats.  However, we did not set the alarm for breakfast because hell no considering we would also be losing an hour of precious sleep due to the clock’s going forward.

The next morning was Mother’s Day and I was surprised with a beautiful card, cuddly toy and present.  Now I say card as in singular because one of my boy’s had forgotten to bring his with him despite the fact he had been reminded several times.  I won’t name and shame though, will I Jesse? ;P

We checked out of the hotel and made our way to the Excel for the last day of Walker Stalker.

Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day <3

The Sunday was pretty quiet due to the fact that most of the attendees just didn’t bother coming back, even though they had weekend passes! So yeah, it was a big empty hall with not much going on.  A real shame to be honest because I’d been pretty happy with the Saturday trade.

This was good news for Bret who had borrowed my Brother’s Gold Pass (he was one of those who didn’t bother coming back) and he was going to take full advantage of getting to meet some of the cast members.

First on his hit list was the beautiful Nadia Hilker who plays the hot lesbian (yes, I would).

The boy looks smitten! As would I 😉

Jealous much? Well, yes I am actually.

It doesn’t stop there either, next we have Cassady McClincy who plays Lydia, daughter of the scary Whisperer leader Alpha.

Well you sure get your money’s worth with Cassady! Bret had nothing but great things to say about her when he came back although I think the 5 or so hugs she gave him kinda won him over!

Bret wasn’t finished just yet though, the final name on his list was the lovable Eugene played by Josh McDermitt.

And again, Bret got a lot of photos!  My advice to any one going to this convention is that you certainly get your money’s worth if the actor’s do table selfies.  It’s better than a photo op which you pay a huge amount of money for and literally get 5 seconds to do it.  You barely get time to answer when  they ask you a question.  The table selfies are a much more personal experience and definitely more value.  There’s nothing worse than paying over £100 for a photo op and literally hating the photo afterwards, I’ve seen so many people upset with theirs and I also speak from personal experience.  Table selfies are the way to go, trust me on this 😉

Jesse had been planning to meet Jon Bernthal but unfortunately he had cancelled on the Saturday morning, yes you read that right, the actual morning of the convention.  He was pretty crushed about it but decided at the last minute to go drown his sorrows in Dan Fogler’s arms, who plays Luke in the show.

He came back shaking with excitement after meeting him so I’m going to assume that the heart break over Jonny boy was well and truly forgotten about.  I had 2 very very happy boys!!

I think this pretty much sums up how my boys felt about the weekend

As always, we would like to say a big thank you to all of our customers, you know how much we appreciate you all.  We couldn’t do these shows which we love doing if it wasn’t for you so THANK YOU ALL!  We hope you all had a great weekend despite the disappointments with the guests and lets face it, the guests who were there, more than made up for it.

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  1. gemma houltby
    gemma houltby
    April 27, 2019 at 11:33 am


    I think you’re the lady I bought some purple dinosaur earrings from at Walker Stalker this year. I saw you had some green ones and possibly some pterodactyls but I might have imagined them? I didn’t get a chance to come back to your stall to pick up the others I wanted and wondered if I’d be able to buy them from you online/over the phone please? If you could let me know I’d be really grateful.