Walker Stalker London 2018


Walker Stalker time! WOOOOO! After every Walker Stalker, the boys and me have always complained that it’s a whole year before the next one but somehow that year goes by very quickly.  I love doing conventions, infact I LOVE doing conventions but I do have to admit that Walker Stalker is my favourite and I always, always look forward to it.  It’s a number of factors that make it my fave.  Obviously the fact that I get to do this one with both my boys is the biggest reason but I do enjoy the show, I genuinely love a lot of the characters and more importantly, I actually know what I’m doing when I’m designing products for this one.

This year was pretty exciting, the guest line-up was extremely impressive.  It was pretty much a full house as far as The Walking Dead cast was concerned although Lauren Cohen (Maggie) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick) did have to pull out at the last minute which was disappointing for many.  Sons of Anarchy were also there and one of mine and my son’s favourites, Bruce Campbell.  What more could you ask for? Well, the entire Z-Nation cast would be nice, just throwing that out there.

This time we had a corner booth (woah, go us) and so that was 3 tables to fill with goodies but trust me when I say I did pretty well with producing some great accessories.  Yes, I was pretty proud of myself for once.  Hey, if you can’t pull your own chain once in a while…

Anyway, as always, I had to say a heartbreaking goodbye to my gorgeous boy.

Look at the love in his eyes!

I knew he would be well looked after though because he was spending the weekend with his Gramma and Grandpa.  Still, it never gets any easier leaving him.

The journey to the Olympia was straightforward, our playlist consisted of songs from “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack so we were having a jolly singalong in the car.  When we arrived, we were able to drive straight in and unload.  To be honest, it was probably the easiest off load we’ve ever done.  After that, Jesse and I went to put the car away for the weekend while Bret went and collected his photo op tickets.  He’d saved all (and I do mean ALL) his pocket money for 2 photo ops which cost an arm, a leg, a kidney and the promise of his first newborn.  I however, couldn’t justify the amount they were charging for photo ops and so had to hope I could at least get some table selfies over the weekend.

Setting up was pretty easy because I’d done most of it at home! Yes, after all this time I am now finally organised and can bring a lot of the jewellery display ready to go.  It made life a lot easier and I will definitely be adopting this from now on.  We did as much as we could before I could hear the chiming of the cocktail clock beckoning me to our date at Sticky Fingers.  The plan was to check in at the hotel, go for some dinner and then come back to finish our tables.

Our charming hotel room, don’t you just love the towels on the bed?

This time we were staying at the Russell Court Hotel which was literally just across the road from the venue which meant that the morning walk was not going to kill me.  The room was really lovely, very spacious with everything we could possibly need for our stay.  Definitely one of the best hotels we’ve ever stayed in and I wouldn’t hesitate to stay in it again.

The 15 minute walk to Sticky Fingers is a pain in the ass but well worth it.  As you probably know by now, we always have dinner at Sticky Fingers if we are working at the Olympia.  They have an amazing Happy Hour from 4:30pm to 7:30pm Sunday to Friday and all the classic and signature cocktails are £4 each! HELL YEAH!

Let the cocktails commence…

Passionate Lady, my fave PornStar Martini (with a shot of Prosecco) and a Mai Tai

Zombie Killer, Baileys Banana Colada and my boys!

Yes, this time I had 5 cocktails! One of them was from my Mommy as an early Mother’s Day drink 🙂 So after all the food, drink and dessert (the boys decided they wanted one of those huge chocolate brownie sundae share desserts) the last place we wanted to be was the Olympia so we headed back to the hotel instead.

We spent the rest of the evening just chilling, it was going to be an early start in the morning as we still had a bit of setting up to do.

In the morning we all went down for breakfast which is something we’ve never done for Walker Stalker but the call of a hot buffet breakfast was not going to be ignored and you wouldn’t have been able to pull Jesse away from the freshly cooked rashers for a million bucks!  Jesse rarely eats breakfast, unless of course bacon is on the menu.

Finally, at the Olympia, we cracked on and got everything set up on time.

Yes, that’s Negan and Daryl knickers you can see there 😉

We were finally ready and raring to go.  Luckily we had the good sense to take some good morning pointless selfies because as it turned out, that was the only opportunity we had.  That of course means we were busy which is always a good thing.

Good morning and Happy Weekend from the PlayBox team

The VIP’s are the first to come in which means for the first couple of hours it’s relatively quiet.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to go on a table selfie mission as there was someone I really wanted to meet.  But first…

Bathroom Selfie! WOOOO!

Next stop, Chandler Riggs’s table! I was absolutely gutted at the end of the mid season finale when it was revealed that Carl had been bitten.  I honestly couldn’t believe he was going to be killed off.  He was the future! Sure, the first few seasons he played the annoying kid but his character development over the last few seasons had been amazing.  In my opinion, he was the only one who showed some balls when Negan turned up.  Not to mention I was very much looking forward to the Carl x Negan relationship they had in the comics.  But no, my dreams were shattered.  Then, of course, when The Walking Dead came back in February and I had to watch Carl’s last episode, I was utterly broken.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I sobbed like a baby.

I was quite nervous meeting Chandler but I had no reason to be because he was absolutely lovely.  I gave him one of my Walking Dead themed charm keychains.  All the charms on it represent something from the show and a lot of them are actually to do with Carl, the hat, the deer and of course the chocolate pudding.  He absolutely loved it.  Next we had some photos…

What a cutie! Chandler, that is.

Afterwards I told him how lovely it was to meet him and we hugged.  Honestly though, he was absolutely adorable, a total sweetheart.  If you ever get the chance to meet him then go for it, you won’t be disappointed.  I have to be honest, I won’t enjoy the Walking Dead as much now that he’s gone but I wish him all the luck in the world for future projects.  The sky is the limit now Chandler!

As always, Walker Stalker is quite the family affair and this year was no exception.  Apart from being lucky enough to have both my boys with me, my cousin was there with his son (my second cousin) and my Auntie.  Plus my brother was there, with my future sister-in-law and my gorgeous niece.  Infact I should point out that at the first Walker Stalker my brother was a volunteer and that’s how he met his girlfriend who was also a volunteer.  So my niece is the product of Walker Stalker! LOL!

My brother and I have been massive horror freaks ever since we were young kids (yes, we were allowed to watch horror movies at a very young age).  He named my niece Samara, after the spooky kid in the Ring series and so of course, they do collect a huge range of horror dolls and toys for her.

Another one to add to my niece’s collection!

As I mentioned, we were pretty busy all day so there wasn’t much time for fooling around but we had an amazing time.  Bret was very excited because he was having a photo op with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Infact, the boys had accidently bumped into him and Norman Reedus on a stairwell earlier in the morning and said hello and I’m pretty sure they’re adding that to their clain to fame list.  When Bret went for his photo op, he mentioned that he had already seen him and was chuffed when Jeffrey remembered him.  Just maybe, Jeffrey is adding it to his claim to fame list too!

Could my son look any damn prouder? I think not!

All that was left to do was take a couple of quick bathroom selfies before calling it a day.

Happy Candy because guess who’s being taken out for dinner?

On the Saturday, the venue didn’t close until 7pm so it was a pretty long day but my boys were taking me out for a Mother’s Day dinner which I was really looking forward to.  We decided to go to Nando’s where we had the biggest feast ever (and none of us could finish it).  I would have taken some photos but we were straight into demolishing it the second the plates were placed on the table.

Back at the hotel, we just chilled again for the evening.  There was a special Walker Stalker VIP party going on, but it was over 18 only and although we wouldn’t have left Bret on his own, we’re just not the party animal type anyway.

Just after midnight, Bret wished me a Happy Mother’s Day and presented me with a gorgeous teddy bear which really tugged at my heart strings.

Good night!

The next morning we had another delicious cooked breakfast before checking out of the hotel and making our way to the Olympia.

Happy Mother’s Day! <333

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mommies out there, especially mine because she’s the BESTEST!

I decided to add my Mother’s Day cards to my display so I could show them off.

This is what happens when I ask the boys for a nice Mother’s Day photo!

The boys then decided to go for a little walkaround before it got busy with all the attendees and when they came back a little while later I was told to close my eyes and hold my hands open.


Did I say OMG!? GARETH!!! <333 Incase you don’t already know, Gareth played by Andrew J West has been my biggest crush on the Walking Dead (oh, the fantasies, ahem).  My boys bought me a genuinely signed trading card for Mother’s Day.  I could have cried tears of happiness, actually I think I did.

I am the luckiest Mommy in the world!

Wow, what an amazing Mother’s Day!

My cousin stopped by the table that morning too, he had met his idol Laurie Holden who played Andrea in the Walking Dead although he had been a fan of hers way before that.  He’d also gone to a lot of trouble making her a beautiful fan book which he had presented to her the day before and she actually told him to come back and see her the next day after she’d had a chance to look at it.  That was one very happy cousin, I can tell you.

Alex and Laurie

My cousin wasn’t the only one meeting an idol today, Bret was on his way to meet none other than Bruce Campbell aka Ash Williams.  Over the years, I’m managed to brainwash introduce Bret to some of my much loved movies from the 80’s (you have to admit, there are some absolute classics in that decade) and that included the Evil Dead series.  Well he was smitten, especially with Army of Darkness and as soon as Bruce was announced as a guest, he was on Bret’s priority list.


The thing with Bruce Campbell, as many fans will tell you, is that HE decides on the photo op pose!   Nobody tells Mr Campbell what to do, he’s the director here.  Bret was told to stand and look cool. LOL!! It does make for an awesome photo though.

Next on Bret’s list was spending the last of his money because you know, it would be awful if he had to go home with money in his pocket ;P

See, what did I say about awesome 80’s movies?

The weekend was sadly coming to an end, I had time for one more bathroom selfie before the tedious task of packing away.

Thank you Walker Stalker for another awesome event!

As always, we also have Bret’s favourite cosplay photos of the weekend.

I recognise that zombie dude on the right from Em-Con Nottingham last April.

Bret has a soft spot for Jerry

Ash Williams and Rick Grimes

Bret having a swing on Lucille

It goes without saying that we had the most brilliant time as always and I’m pretty sure that our photos always reflects that.  I absolutely love what I do but I know for sure it wouldn’t be possible without all our wonderful customers.  Once again, I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by and making a purchase.  I hope you know that we appreciate it very very much.  We love meeting you all and we love seeing your happy faces when you find something on our table that you just have to have.

The atmosphere at the Walker Stalker shows are always amazing and the fans are always super friendly.  Next year Walker Stalker will be at the Excel.  We’ll definitely be there and we hope to see you all there too.

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