Southampton Vintage Fair February 2017



First gig of 2017! First Vintage Fair too and to be honest I was really excited about this event.  If you’ve met me, you know why, if you haven’t then let me explain.  Stylewise I’m a bit retro, that is I love love love the fashion of the 50’s and early 60’s and rarely you will see me in anything else, unless I’m wearing pyjamas and then it’s Disney all the way.

You also may be wondering how on earth my creations would fit in at a Vintage Fair.  Well obviously being a bit Rockabilly/Pinup, I do make my own jewellery to match my clothes but I also used to own another business called Cherry Kamikaze and that was home to all my reproduction vintage and kitsch jewellery.  However, having 2 sets of social media, websites, Etsy etc etc didn’t work for me and so I added it all to “The PlayBox” which can include just about anything my crazy mind can come up with.  I do have a small selection on this site which I do intend to expand on at some point.

Just to give you a little bit of info on Lou Lou’s Vintage Fairs:

Purveyors of Nostalgia

Lou Lou’s award winning Vintage Fair visits more than 40 cities across the country with the UK’s best vintage traders, a kitsch vintage tea party serving tea and cakes in traditional china, and a pop up hair and beauty salon.

At Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair, expect stall upon stall of affordable shopping, with vintage and retro clothing, homeware, jewellery and collectibles from the 1920s to the 1980s.

Winner of ‘Best Vintage Fair’ at The National Vintage Awards for the past three years!

You can also find out more information over at their website Lou Lou’s Vintage Fairs

This one I was on my own for, mainly because neither of my boys wanted to get up at 7:45am on a Saturday morning! Charming!  Luckily the drive to Southampton wasn’t too bad and best of all, I finally got a new car CD player so I finally had some musical company.  It also plays my iPod and changes colour! How awesome is that?

The Guildhall was easy enough to find and the other traders there were really friendly so that when a complete noob like me needed to know how the hell to set up, I had plenty of helpful people telling me what to do.  My set up was a billion times easier than the Comic Cons I’m used to, obviously my display and inventory is a lot smaller and so it wasn’t too bad being by myself to get it done.


Our first Vintage Fair set up 🙂

I had my grandparents authentic 50’s and 60’s dinnerware to display my jewellery on, including the famous “Homemaker” set and my Uncle gave me some old vinyl to display my charm bracelets on which I thought looked really cool.



No, you can’t buy my display items 😛

So, all set up with just a few minutes to spare, I thought I better go grab myself a cup of tea while I had the chance.


How pretty is that cup and saucer?

Actually I have to mention that the tea party at the Vintage Fairs is just out of this world.  The amount of delicious home made cakes on offer is every dieter’s nightmare.  Carrot cake, walnut cake, Victoria sponge, coffee cake, strawberry cake, banana loaf, cupcakes, cookies.  Seriously, I did not stand a freaking chance keeping myself away all day, my willpower is good but not that good!



Good morning from Miss PlayBox ;*

If the temptation of the tea party wasn’t enough, my trading neighbour (a lovely woman named Jackie) was selling fudge and marshmallow.  Okay, so nothing too irresistable about that you may say.  However, she also did an “adult” range – loaded with alcohol! OMG, and it was divine.  Trust me when I say, she did not skimp on the alcohol either.


I told you my willpower was not that good!

To be honest the day was pretty quiet at times and unfortunately I didn’t have my pointless selfie partner in crime with me to make the time pass.  He did however text me to insist that I still did one without him.


A very lonely pointless selfie 🙁

The downside to trading at a Vintage Fair when you’re trying to make a bit of money is seeing all the stuff you would just love to buy! It was tough and actually just as well my boys weren’t with me because otherwise I could have left my table and had a good look around.  As it was, I could only stare longingly at the stall in front of me and watch with a heavy heart as dress after gorgeous dress disappeared from the rails.


How could I concentrate when that rail of dresses straight in front of me were calling my name?

To the right of me was another large stall selling authentic vintage wear, the dresses were to die for, proper 50’s prom dresses and they were beautiful.


Yes, I did leave my table for a sneaky peek at this number. <3 <3 <3

The dress was a 50’s size 12 which is about 8 or 10 today and the only way I could have squeezed into it is by taking a large butcher’s knife and slicing a few inches off each side of my waist and hips.  Oh well, guess it’s not coming home with me and judging by the price tag, it was just as well.

By this time it was about 3 in the afternoon and Candy had not had any tea since 11am that morning which makes for a very sad Candy indeed.


It sucks not having my tea boy around 🙁

Luckily things were quiet enough for me to make a quick detour to the tea party.  Unfortunately I just could not resist the large display of cakes this time.  Oh well, guess I’ll be on 600 calories a day for the next week but trust me when I say it was worth it.


Raspberry and Almond cake! Have you ever seen anything quite so beautiful?

Eating sugar all day isn’t the brightest of ideas and the sugar rush had me feeling like I needed to run around the block a few thousand times.  Instead I opted for running up to the dress rail in front of me 5 times before deciding that the bold yellow and orange floral dress was damn well coming home with me whether I could fit into it or not!


HURRAY!! I have a dress! WOOOOO!!!

After the sugar rush comes the sugar crash! Ughhh.  It was the last half hour and the hall was emptying out.  All I wanted now was to get home, eat some real food and change into my jammies.


Please let me get home before “The Voice” starts!

Packing up wasn’t too stressful, I only had a few boxes to seal up before going to collect my car which was just a 5 minute walk away from the venue.  A quick bathroom break before the hour journey home…


Finally! The famous bathroom selfie! I have no idea why my hair looks like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards!

The drive home wasn’t too bad and before I knew it, I was in the door, greeted by a very excited Chihuahua and 2 not so excited sons who had gone ahead and eaten without me, the buggers.  I rushed upstairs to get ready for my night on the sofa and decided to try on my new dress.  What do you know? It actually fit me! Bonus!



Chuffed! After a day of fudge and cake, the dress fitted!

I really did enjoy my first Vintage Fair.  Obviously they are a lot more quiet than what I am used to at the conventions but it made for a nice change.  We had rock ‘n’ roll music playing in the background all day plus some live singing.  The people there were like minded with their love of all things vintage and retro, some of the ladies and gents were dressed to  the nines and looked absolutely stunning.  The traders had some amazing stuff and I myself could have spent all day going through all the tables and stalls.  I’m really looking forward to doing more Vintage Fairs.

Unfortunately, 6 days later I received a nice letter from the lovely people at Hampshire Constabulary! A Notice of Intended Prosecution! For speeding! 35 miles per hour on a 30 mile road 🙁  Obviously not the best news, especially since I wasn’t actually speeding but rather had accelerated for less than 30 seconds so I could move into the left hand lane.  Such is life!

So guess who will be doing the Driver’s Awareness Training soon?

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