MCM London Comic Con Oct 2018


It’s been a while! I don’t really have any valid excuses. I’m sorry to say I did get a bit lazy about the blog and to be fair I’m never going to have a more exciting blog post than the last one anyway (about the RE2 Safe House Experience). However, I’m going to pull my socks up and get these last few blog posts done before the new conventions begin for this year.

So, MCM London Comic Con, October 2018. Always one of our favourite shows to do.  As usual, my least favourite thing to do was saying good bye to this little guy.

My gorgeous little baby boy

We got to the Excel with no problems, managed to get off-loaded without Bret getting into trouble (the Excel is where Bret always causes some kind of grief) and let me tell you, I have setting up down to a fine art now.  Yep, I could do it blindfolded.  It takes us less than 3 hours now! Do I get a cookie?

Impressed?  I am 🙂

Getting set up quicker means more relaxing time at the hotel and I have to say I was especially excited to stay at our hotel because it was quite fancy and we’d never been there before, not to mention it was literally on the door step of the Excel.  We were off to stay at the Aloft for 3 nights, it has a gym and swimming pool you know ;P Not that I was in the mood for swimming but I was in the mood for diving into the Thames when I arrived at the hotel only to find out they had no twin rooms left and I was going to have to share a bed with Mr Fidget Ass himself.  And I was on such a roll too 🙁  Mind you, when the receptionist saw the look of horror on my face, she did then upgrade our room to kingsize with a view. Nice save.

Bret was very chuffed with his window seat.

So rather than spend a billion pounds eating in the restaurant, we decided to be frugal and go buy ourselves some dinner.  Now usually we stay in a hotel on the other side of the Excel which has a nice little cheap kebab shop which serves immense portions for just a few quid.  Bargain! What we didn’t expect was our geography to be so appalling that it actually took us 1 hour to walk there and back.  I swear to god, it seemed like it would be a 20 minute round trip if that. Note to self: we will not be doing that again. Ever.

It was bliss to finally be back at the hotel, jammies on, wine poured and loads of food.  Not only that, but throw this into the mix and I was in heaven!

Chris FREAKING Redfield – is there a man more perfect? The answer is NO!

Yep, our TV had a YouTube channel which meant I could sit and watch Chris Redfield cutscenes (made into a movie) to my heart’s content. This is the kind of life I’m talking about. It was sweet dreams for me that night!

The next morning, Bret and I begrudgingly woke up early so that we could go for our overpriced breakfast.  However, we have come to the conclusion that neither of us are ever really in the mood for breakfast (I don’t ever have breakfast at home, a cup of tea and I’m happy) and we would rather have an extra 30 minutes in bed so in future we have decided to completely bypass the breakfast.  Unless of course, Jesse is with us because he would never forgive us if he missed out on bacon in the morning.

It took us literally 10 seconds to walk from the hotel to the Excel. Get us 😉  Just a couple of last minute preparations for our table and we were raring to go.

I can promise you that these were the only pointless selfies we took all day!

Infact they were the only photos we took all day! That is, until closing time when Bret and I finally got a chance to look around.

Bret likes to prove to everyone that he really is at MCM London!

I also got a chance to meet Bumblebee who happens to be pretty hot for an alien automobile 😉

It had been a pretty good day though and Bret and I were pleased to finally get back to the hotel room.  We decided there was no way on Earth we would be doing the hour long trip to the kebab shop so it was Plan B time and no, that did not include eating in the overpriced restaurant. There was only one thing for it – sign up for Uber Eats.

I have to say though, it’s a great service for just a few quid! Bret being the MacDonald’s Maniac that he is, insisted we go with their culinary delights and to be honest, I was freaking starving and didn’t care.  I was also already in bed watching Chris Redfield, you could have fed me celery sticks with tofu and I wouldn’t have given a rat’s ass!

Before we went to bed, we set about 6 alarms between us so we didn’t have a repeat of what happened at MCM in May (I never ever want to re-live that ever again).

True to our word, we did not bother going for breakfast. I did feel bad though knowing that it was 26 quid (or some ridiculous figure) we were wasting. But sleep is everything, especially when you have a long 8 hour shift ahead of you.

However, it must have been a bloody busy day.  I mean, I know it was a few months ago now and my memory is hazy at best but the proof is in the pudding.

They are the ONLY photos we took all day! Yep, that’s it!  Plus there’s no point in telling you about our evening either because it was an EXACT repeat of the night before! Hotel – Jammies – Uber Eats – Wine – Chris Redfield – MacDonald’s – all in precisely that order!

Hurray for the extra hour in bed!! Yep, you gotta love the clocks going back! However, even with that extra hour, we still didn’t want to go for breakfast! We didn’t get the extra half hour for that though, Bret wanted us to get to the Excel early so we could go to the North Hall and get photos with all the cool displays.

First stop was the Infinity Gauntlet.

Yep, there’s always one, isn’t there?

Then I got to meet the Avengers, nice bunch of people, very down to Earth.  Captain America even let me hold his hand.

Team Marvel <3

Next stop, was Thor’s domain.

Bret looks really cool and I look like I’m being probed with a red hot poker up my ass! Such is life.

Bret, again looking cool AF but this time on a cool AF Harley Davidson

So that was all the fun and games we had in the North Hall before heading back to the South Hall to actually get some work done.  To be fair, we did actually get a LOT of work done because those were the only photos we took of ourselves all day. Infact, the only time I got my phone out to take a photo was when this couple came to our table.

BEST freaking cosplay of the weekend, not that I’m biased or anything.

Leon S Kennedy and Ada Wong from Resident Evil

As usual, we had a fantastic weekend.  I didn’t get to meet anyone unfortunately.  I had actually planned on meeting Matthew Mercer who is one of the voice actors for Leon S Kennedy.  What I didn’t realise was all his autographs were pre-sale only which really sucked monkey balls to be honest.

As always, I want to thank all our customers that weekend, you are always the best, I love meeting you all and I appreciate every single one of you.  Thank you for yet another amazing MCM Comic Con.

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