MCM London Comic Con May 2019


MCM London Comic Con in the glorious spring is always an event we look forward to.  Our only concern was that we didn’t have all of our stock to do it with but sulking about it wasn’t going to make it arrive so we just got on with it and packed what we could.  We had a feeling it was going to be pretty busy due to the fact another event on the same weekend had been cancelled with just 2 weeks notice.  That meant a lot of people with hotels they couldn’t cancel would be going to our show instead. Awesome! Not to mention that MCM managed to secure some of the cancelled show’s guests. Double awesome!

We were pretty excited to go, moreso because I was planning on doing a bit of fangirling.  However, one thing I wasn’t excited about was saying good bye to my baby boy.

I don’t think he was excited to see me go either

This time our journey to London was relatively easy and took less than 2 hours.  Load in was a breeze and thankfully Bret managed to stay out of trouble while I went and collected our passes.  Speaking of our passes, we accidently were given exhibitor passes instead of vendor wristbands.  I wasn’t complaining.

Check it out! Sure beats a wristband.

As usual, my brilliant organisational skills meant  that we could set up quickly and easily in just a couple of hours.

Well not bad at all

And my favourite part of my display with a few new additions

With that all done, it was finally time to check into our hotel and relax.  This time we were staying at The Hampton By Hilton and if you remember, I first stayed at this hotel 2 years ago when it first opened and made a lovely friend called Abou.  Now unfortunately, I’ve never been back to the hotel since (we always have to go for the cheapest ones to keep our costs down) so I had no idea if Abou was still there but it was definitely going to be my first question when I got to the bar.

The hotel was as lovely as I remembered it, this time however, it wasn’t going to be so unbearably hot although Bret and I did bring a small plug in fan with us as I didn’t want to re-live the hot memories of my last stay.

Separate double beds! How awesome is that?

After a brief rest and unpacking, Bret and I headed for the bar downstairs.  This was a very special moment because Bret had only just turned 18 and was about to buy his first round! Hurray!!

My son buying the drinks! What a proud moment!

Bret enjoying his first pint – a Guiness!

So we’re sitting there, enjoying our drinks and then who should walk in the bar – yep, my friend Abou.  Not only that, but he took one look at me and then came running around the desk to give me a big hug.  2 years and he still remembered me, how lovely is that?

My lovely friend Abou

If you ever get a chance to stay at this hotel and see Abou behind the bar, please tell him that Candy sends her love.  He genuinely is one of the nicest people on the face of the planet and I was so happy I got to see him again.

After all the excitement, some dinner and a couple of beers, Bret and I called it a night, ready for the weekend ahead.

In the morning we didn’t have to be at the Excel until 10am which meant that we didn’t have to get up super early to go for breakfast.  That way, I was able to persuade Bret to actually get up and get some breakkie even if the next two mornings he didn’t bother.  Why the urgency you ask?  Well if you remember, it’s this hotel that has the awesome waffle maker in the breakfast room and I really wanted Bret to try it out.

I’m actually pretty sure that Bret was thankful I made him go, his waffle was to die for and now of course he wants me to buy a waffle machine for home.  Ummm, no.

After a satisfying breakfast, we went back to our hotel room to get ready.

Good morning from Miss PlayBox

I couldn’t wait to get to the Excel as I had some very important fangirling to do.  Even better than that perhaps was the fact that Bret owed me 2 Bubble Teas and you know what I’m like for Bubble Tea.

I decided to get my fangirling out of the way as early as possible, before the general crowd came in so that I didn’t have to queue for too long.  Embarrassingly though, I didn’t have my glasses on when I walked to the guest area and I’m blind as a bat without them.  I can’t see further than a few feet in front of me so I couldn’t actually read any of the guest signs above their tables.  I actually had to stop and ask some staff to point me to the correct celebrity.

So who was the person in question?  None other than Troy Baker and if you don’t know who he is then you obviously don’t play any video games. At all.  Like ever.  His resume is as thick as the bible, I kid you not.  Seriously though, he’s one of the most famous voice actors ever, he’s voiced everyone.  More importantly though, he voiced Jake Muller who was a character in Resident Evil 6.

OMG!! Major fangirl moment right there!

Now let me just mention that Resident Evil 6 gets some right stick from the fanbase.  It actually happens to be one of my favourite games.  But then I’m biased because this particular game has Chris Redfield in it and you all know how I feel about him, my husband.  I actually had a really nice conversation with Troy about the bad rap the game gets, he thought it was a lot of fun. I have to agree.  Also, I mentioned how it would have been nice if Resident Evil 7 had been a continuation of Jake’s story.  Apparently that’s what Capcom had originally planned and then they decided to scrap the idea.  Why Capcom, why??? *sobs* Maybe if they had kept to that story, they wouldn’t have made the bastardly disfiguration to my beloved Chris.  But hey, that’s a whole different soap box.

Incase you can’t make it out, he wrote “wanna buy some blood” on my game.  In reference to Jake’s blood being the cure.  I walked away a very happy girlie.  Now I wish I’d had a photo op too.  Dammit.  Hopefully next time.  I got back to our table with a huge grin on my face which of course was Bret’s cue to announce he was off to look around for 50 billion hours. First though, he had to buy me a Bubble Tea.

It’s a thing of beauty!

I want to drink Bubble Tea every single day of my life!  <3

It wasn’t long before I spotted the first Resident Evil cosplayer of the weekend.

It’s Leon S Kennedy everyone!

Leon, Resident Evil 4 style.  I did promise not to tell anyone that he purchased an Umbrella Corporation keychain from me and of course, I have kept that promise.  Then while he was at my table browsing, who should come along but Claire Redfield.

OMG, it’s my sister-in-law!

Funny thing is, see that Claire Redfield necklace she’s wearing?  Guess where she bought it?  Yep, from me! She had purchased it from my Etsy store a few weeks prior and even messaged me after she had received it to say that she loved it.  How awesome is that, to meet a lovely customer face to face?  Of course, I had to get a photo of her with Leon, it was the right thing to do.

Awesomesauce right there!

Shortly after that, Jill Valentine just happened to walk past.

Jill, fresh out of Raccoon City

The Resident Evil cosplayers were definitely out in full force today.  I absolutely loved seeing them all.  After all that excitement it was time for lunch and I knew exactly where I was headed.

The Japanese food booths

I look forward to the Japanese food booths EVERY year.  Fried chicken balls and more passion fruit bubble tea, now that’s what you call a lunch.

Another booth to catch my attention was the official Capcom stand <3

Look at all that delicious Resident Evil merchandise, I’ll have 2 of each please.

Of course it would have been rather rude for me to walk away without buying anything, although I did go back and forth several times until I was 100% certain I had decided on what I wanted.

R.P.D. t-shirt, R.P.D. cap and zombie socks. Oh yeah!

For a Friday we had been very busy and already had sold out some of our lines.  By the time 7pm came around, we were ready to hit the bar back at the hotel.  We had dinner and chatted to Abou before heading back to our room for some well deserved shut-eye.

Even though the waffle had been amazing the morning before, there was no getting Bret up for breakfast this time.   Mind you, we did have to be at the Excel for 9am which meant we would have had to get up at 7am for breakfast and that was not going to happen.

Let me just say that Saturday was CRAZY busy.  I mean absolutely, never had anything like it before CRAZY CRAZY busy.  We literally did not stop from the moment we arrived up until 5pm when I finally managed to get a sit down – in the bathroom.  It was insane!  Obviously in a good way, I just wish all conventions were as busy.  However, I did manage to get a couple of cosplay photos during all the chaos.

Leon & Claire – they make such a lovely couple don’t you think? 😉

Claire Redfield was a very popular choice that weekend as it wasn’t long afterwards that another one came along.

Chris sure does has a lot of sisters!

By this point I was utterly exhausted and one of my fellow vendors made me feel so much better by pointing out that I looked how he felt.  Yep, cheers for that buddy.

Show me the way to go home…..

When they finally announced over the tannoy that the show was closed, I couldn’t hide my relief.

It’s 7pm! HURRAY!!! Beer time!

I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel, I was tired, I was thirsty but most of all I was absolutely starving due to the fact we didn’t even have time to stop for lunch.  When we finally got to the dining room, Bret and I ordered lunch and dinner in one sitting!!   After a couple of beers, we retired back to our room knowing full well there was no hope in hell we were going to bother getting up for breakfast.

We were right about breakfast.  Besides, we had to pack up, check out and then go through a couple of security checks so we didn’t have time unless we wanted to get up at some god forsaken hour.  No thanks, an extra half hour in bed will do nicely thank you.

Back at the Excel, my only concern was exactly what we were going to sell.  We had literally sold out of everything that was popular.  I suggested to Bret we could always end up selling him but he didn’t seem too impressed with the idea.

Sunday wasn’t as busy as Saturday which was a bit of a relief, but we still had moments which kept us on our toes.  I spotted only one Resident Evil cosplayer but he was an absolute sweetheart.

Please ignore the Wonder Woman Butt in the background, I swear I didn’t notice when I was taking the pic.

This guy was very tall and very handsome! He told me he was working on a Chris Redfield cosplay! HELLO!!! I approve of him cosplaying as Chris 10000001%  He was hoping he could come back to the convention in October and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for him.

Thankfully, we did have time to grab lunch and I had already decided on the Friday what I would be having.

Crispy Duck Bao and more Passion Fruit Bubble Tea – nom nom nom

Unfortunately I didn’t get to sit down and enjoy it at my leisure because some idiot managed to spill her drink over my table.  This is something I will never understand and I see it happen at least once at every convention I do.  Why on earth would you put down a drink on a table full of jewellery? Just why?  It’s an accident waiting to happen.  If I was walking around a hall full of vendor’s goodies, I wouldn’t dream of putting my drink on anyone’s table.  So now this is the 3rd time someone has managed to spill something on my jewellery which definitely means that by the next convention I will have a sign. “NO BLOODY DRINKS”.

While we’re on a serious note, I also want to mention something else that happened that day.  I always keep a “Lucky Dip” on the table, I’ve done it for a couple of years now and it’s always very popular.  The lucky dip is coloured coded, red for a girl, blue for a boy and the gold and silver can be for anyone.  Pretty sensible right? Apparently not, one particular customer got quite offended by the colour code. “I don’t understand what the difference is between a boy and a girl” she said to me rather disgruntled.  Oh boy, you can imagine the answers floating around in my mind that I wanted to say.  However, being the professional I am 😉 I decided to tell her a story about a young boy, probably around 8 years of age who had bought one of my lucky dips back when I first started doing them.  Back then, the parcels were all one colour.  His first choice turned out to be something he really loved so he decided to have another go.  The next package revealed a necklace with a butterfly on it, he looked really disappointed and gave it back to me as a gift (he was an adorable kid).  I decided from that moment on I would colour code the parcels and make sure there was always something in there for the boys to enjoy.

Instead of looking at me and completely understanding where I  was coming from, she replied “why on earth would a butterfly necklace destroy an eight year old boy’s masculinity?”  WTF???? That’s not really the point is it?  So here’s the thing right.  I don’t care what gender you are or what you identify as.  I myself happen to identify as a Disney Princess married to a fictional video game character so it’s cool.  But for the love of god, don’t go around judging 8 year old boys who don’t want to wear a butterfly necklace.  If the colour coding of my lucky dip offends you (and I know that for 99.9% of you it doesn’t) then by all means, move to the next table.

At PlayBox Designs we’re all about having fun , being silly and not taking ourselves too seriously.  There’s no room for negavity in any shape or form.  Life is too short for that!

So back to our normal programme…

They had some great exhibits at this Spring’s Comic Con which were free for everyone.  Bret and I managed to have a go on a couple of them ourselves.

First up, we got to meet the evil doll Annabelle

I love the fact that Bret and I are trying to look so serious.  Bret looks really cool, whereas I just fail miserably!

Next up, “It” let us borrow his balloons.

Can you tell we’re Mother and Son? LOL!!

Bret also stopped by the Horror Channel booth and got a photo of him scaring himself.

This cracks me up!

So that was MCM London May 2019! What an incredible weekend.  I have to tell you that Bret and I just had the best fun.  As always it was an absolute pleasure to meet all of our customers, thank you so much, we appreciate each and every one of you.  Yes I know I say that with every post I make but I like to reiterate that fact because it really is true.  We had some great laughs and despite being totally knackered we still managed to  pack up with huge smiles on our faces.  I made some lovely new friends and was delighted to become reacquainted with an old one.  It really was the perfect weekend.

Next on the agenda is London Film & Comic Con at the end of July and we certainly hope we get to see you all there.

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