MCM London Comic Con May 2018


MCM London time again! It always rolls around so quickly and takes me by surprise.  I have to admit though, for various reasons I wasn’t looking forward to this show but mainly because I just didn’t “feel” ready.  However, after giving myself a stern talking to and cowboying the fcuk up, I sucked it up and got on with it.

If you are a regular to the MCM Comic Cons, you probably know by now that they have been taken over by an American company called ReedPOP who promised to take the conventions to a whole new level of awesomesauce.  To be honest, the guest list was quite impressive with some fan favourites from Deadpool, The Walking Dead and Orange is the New Black to name just a few.

No photo ops for me though, I was on a new mission.  Having just recently seen Avengers: Infinity War (twice, actually) and only having been a Guardians fan before, I decided to buy the main MCU timeline DVDs and check out all the other heroes.  As I type this I am currently in Phase 3, about to watch Doctor Strange.  However, I already have my favourites and I’m completely smitten with the Thor movies.  When I say smitten, I actually mean totally head over heels in lust obsessed with Loki.  Yes, I do realise I’m late to the Loki party but hey, trust me when I say I am making up for lost time.

As usual, it was heartbreaking knowing I would have to say goodbye to my little furball for a few days.  Then, as I was getting ready to pack my bag, he decided to climb inside and totally kill me.

I can’t even!!! ;_;

If I didn’t already feel like the most wicked Mommy in the world! That made me feel worse than ever, now I really didn’t want to go.  I mean, could anything else go wrong that morning in an attempt to stop me from leaving?  Well actually, yes! If suffering from a broken heart wasn’t enough, my hairdryer then decided to try and kill me.  I’m being serious too.  I’d just washed my hair and was in the middle of drying it (just like any other time I’ve washed my hair) when suddenly sparks and flames started shooting out of the base.  I screamed and threw it on the floor, terrified it was going to set my whole bedroom alight.


It hurt too!  Now I was seriously concerned that I was being sent signals NOT to go to London.  Can you believe my luck though?  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  Thankfully, I managed to leave the house in one piece and also arrive at the Excel in one piece.  Now we only had to make it through set up!  Could anything else go wrong this weekend?  And no, that was a statement, not a challenge.

Mind you, we’d only been there 5 minutes before Bret got into trouble.  And no, it wasn’t about his age this time but because of his “attitude”.  Apparently, for the first time ever, they decided to enforce the hi-vis vest rule that day and Bret wanting to be as efficient as possible (we were given just 10 minutes to unload, plus collect our wristbands and parking permit) tried to explain he was wearing a white t-shirt and was a very short walk away to our table.  Luckily I always keep 2 vests in my bag anyway but this man was just totally unpleasant with no sense of humour at all.  Oh and for the record, apparently I got attitude as well or at-ttude as he liked to say. Tosser!

Yep, it was just one of those freaking days!  Luckily there were no nasty surprises when our trading neighbours turned up.  Trust me, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes, well, you just don’t.  On this occasion though, we definitely got very lucky and had the pleasure of working beside Enemo J who sell really cool collectible toys and Pop Vinyls.  They also happen to be a metal band (of the same name) and really kick ass.  If metal is your thing then I suggest you go check them out because you will not be disappointed.  Even better than all that, they happened to be a couple of the nicest people I have ever met in my life.  Maybe the weekend wouldn’t be so bad after all.

It didn’t take us long to set up our table because as per my new organisational skills, I did most of it at home.  I do love an easy life.  Next stop, was the hotel and we were back at The Ibis Styles Hotel which is now our 3rd time because we can’t find anything to complain about plus it’s a few minutes walk to the Excel which puts it top of my list.

Bret’s happy enough! We’ll take it 🙂

By this point, I was absolutely starving.  Lucky for us, this hotel has a pub and restaurant downstairs which does serve up some pretty awesome dishes.  Bret and I went straight for our favourite…

Haddock and chips! Nom nom nom nom.

Washed down with a nice cold pint of San Miguel.  Don’t mind if I do.  Funny thing was, halfway through my dinner I realised that I was still going to be hungry afterwards (yeah, I had built up a pretty big appetite) and as soon as I thought that, Bret turns to me and says exactly the same thing.  Weird or what? Nope, we were just that freaking hungry I guess.  It was time to break out the dessert…

In the form of loaded nachos.

Not quite sure if we are the only people who order starters for our desserts but we do get some odd looks sometimes.

Time for another beer!

Bret with his yuppie style cocktail (shhhh, it’s alcohol free so not that cool).

After dinner, we retired to our room where I hoped that would be it for the rest of the evening but no, about an hour later, Bret decided he was still hungry and so I had to accompany him outside on a search for a food shop.  Luckily there is a kebab shop right outside the hotel and 5000 chicken nuggets, 2 large fries and a can of coke later we were back in our room.  Honestly though, I have no idea where that boy puts it all.

The next morning I woke up looking forward to the delicious hot and cold buffet breakfast that this hotel always serve.  We had finished our setting up and didn’t need to be at the Excel until just before 10, so it was a very relaxed no rush morning.  I eagerly got to the breakfast room only to be smacked hard in the face with disappointment.  They only serve a continental buffet breakfast now. WTFF? Really? How am I supposed to survive on that all day? FML!

A bowl of Coco pops and 2 slices of toast later, I sulked my way back to the room to get ready trying to forget about the fact that they no longer served the tropical juice either.  At least there was passion fruit bubble tea at the Excel with my name on (one of the main things I always look forward to when I do MCM London).

We arrived at the Excel a few minutes before opening time and said a friendly “Morning” to the grumpy security dude from yesterday who completely blanked us. Twat! Just a couple of tweaks were needed and then this…

PlayBox Designs – ready to rock ‘n’ roll

Friday is always relatively quiet which means it’s the perfect day for having a nose around at all the merchandise on offer and doing a spot of shopping.  Which of course meant I would be hunting down just about any Loki goodies I could get my excited little hands on.  Bret was the first to disappear and arrive back with a tell-tale carrier bag.  However, he caught me by surprise when he handed the bag to me and told me it was a present *heart melt*

OMG! How freaking awesome is that?

It was such a thoughtful thing to do, I really am blessed with the best sons ever!  Another Pop Vinyl I could cross off my list. YAY!!  Next, it was my turn for a walkaround and I already knew exactly where I was heading.  My trading neighbour Craig had brought something or should I say someone to my attention.


You can’t tell from the photo but this was huge!  They did smaller ones for £20 each and they were 10″ square and you could easily fit 12 into this size.  Of course I had to enquire about the price which was obviously going to be triple digits but it was worth asking.  I found out from the friendly assistant that it was slightly damaged and I’m already thinking about what I would offer for it in my head.  After 10 minutes of waiting for her boss to come over from another table, he informs me it’s display only but they can take an order for it.  Excuse me, but if it’s not coming home with me tonight then I’m really not interested.  Yep, I’m an impatient kind of person.

I wasn’t to be defeated though, I knew there would be some Loki waiting for me somewhere else.  Next stop was the official Funko booth because my future sister-in-law desperately needed the limited edition Yondu they were selling especially for the event.  I had to line up for over 25 minutes before it was eventually my turn to go inside so you can bet I was getting a little something for myself while I was in there.

Cable from Deadpool (hotness) and Thor Infinity War style (more hotness)! WOAH!!!

Oh and a random Beauty and the Beast pen because why the hell not 😉

I also bought Bret a Yondu as well so the car was definitely going to be overflowing with Pop Vinyls by the end of the weekend.  Hopefully there would be enough room for us to actually take them home!  Still, I hadn’t found anything Loki yet but luckily that was rectified by my lovely friend Craig (I think we all went from trading neighbours to friends in pretty much the first hour) who gave me a Loki necklace to wear with pride.

Some quick bathroom selfies so I could show off my Loki necklace :)))

And that’s pretty much how Bret and I spent the rest of the day, taking it in turns to disappear for a bit so the other could go browsing around.

Finally! Loki who I found!! Yep, I’m here all week folks 😉

And I’ll take these, just for good measure!

Oh and incase you thought we’d forgotten, here’s some pointless selfies.

Of course I have saved the best piece of merchandise until last.  Hold on to your panties because this is seriously going to blow you away.

OMFG! This is the BEST thing I will ever own in my entire life!

A Loki hoodie, how freaking awesomesauce is it? I already want to make a provision in my will that I have to be buried in this.  I will even go as far to say that it’s better than my Star Lord hoodie.  Infact, this item of clothing made me so goddamn happy that I did totally geek out and will probably be still talking about it in years to come.  But OMG, I have a Loki hoodie!

We’d had a long but incredibly fun day, however, the fun didn’t end there either.  As the venue was emptying out, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go and check out some of the displays.  Besides, Bret desperately wanted a photo of him at the MCM sign, you know, just to prove he was actually there.

I have no idea where this boy gets his posing skills from 😉

The promotional signs around the venue featured the new Jurassic World movie so I knew there had to be a prop around somewhere.

I love me some dinosaurs and Owen isn’t too bad either 🙂

I must admit though, I wasn’t expecting was to see a gyrosphere aka “hamster ball”.

How freaking awesome is this?

She told me to look scared!! I look like I’m on a day trip from the funny farm instead.

Next we popped into the North Hall to see what they had on offer and and was very surprised to see they had the cars from the Fast and Furious movies.  We’re big F & F fans in our family so you can imagine how our geeky little hearts exploded when we saw these.

Dom’s Dodge Charger! OMG!

As you can see, next to it was Paul Walker’s (Brian O’Conner) Mitsubishi Eclipse and Bret was wetting himself to get a photo of him standing next to it.  The lady in charge of the display was giving it a quick dust and told us she’d only be a minute.  After she finished, she looked at Bret and asked him if he would like to sit in it.  Let me just say that you could not have wiped the huge ass grin off Bret’s face if you tried.

Bret, in his happy place :)))

I have to say we left the Excel on a total high, it had just been the most amazing day ever.  Things were definitely looking up.  There was only one more thing I needed to make me happy…

Food, glorious food!

What a freaking awesome day!  I went to bed excited for the weekend (with my beautiful Loki hoodie on a chair next to me).

You know that awesome feeling when you wake up totally refreshed and the alarm hasn’t even gone off yet?  Then you lie there for a couple of minutes enjoying the moment.  Yep, it’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? Apart from when you finally reach for your phone and to your horror you discover that it’s

9:56 in the freaking morning!

HOLY SHIT!! The alarm had gone off almost 3 hours ago but for some reason there was no volume on it!  Now it was nearly 10am and the Excel had already been open to the public for an hour! I had missed phone calls, I had messages for me on Facebook wondering where we were.  What a total nightmare. I must confess that I actually wanted to cry.  Not a great start to the day.  Luckily Bret rushed to get dressed and was at our table within 15 minutes and had help from our friends next door to get it ready.

When I eventually got to the Excel, about 15 minutes after Bret, I was stressed AF. I do mean literally stressed to the max.  It took a while before I stopped cursing myself but luckily Bret got me a passion fruit bubble tea to calm me down.  But seriously? Really?

A friend of mine had heard about what happened and stopped by with an awesome gift for me.

Can we say corporate pass? And OMG, it has Owen on it <3

That actually put the first smile of the day on my face.  I have the most thoughful friends.

Thankfully, despite missing an hour’s worth of trading, we still did really well and I didn’t get a chance to leave the table for most of the day.  Our friends Enemo J  had to leave early because they were off to kick some ass and had a gig at the O2 Academy in Birmingham so Bret looked after their table for them.

Is the day over yet?

For the first time ever, the Saturday hours had been extended to 7pm so it had been a pretty long day and I was thankful when it was done.

Random, but I think I might go see this movie.

We got back to the hotel and decided that instead of dining in the pub (which gets a bit rowdy on the Saturday night) or the expensive restaurant, we’d grab some food and drink from the kebab shop outside and then take it back to our room and relax.  Perfect plan after a stressful day.

That night, I set 3 alarms on my phone, all with full volume!

Thankfully, I did indeed wake up at 7am like I was supposed to.  Bret and I went for a quick breakfast before packing up and checking out of the hotel.  Today was my last chance to hunt down Loki merchandise and Bret had already decided he was going to meet a couple of The Walking Dead guests that were there.

We arrived at the Excel on time and then set up, ready for a good day.  Bret was the first to disappear, he wanted to meet Cooper Andrews who plays Jerry in The Walking Dead.

Bret & Jerry’s – they should totally make icecream together!

My next stop was a stall where I had spotted a Loki t-shirt at the beginning of the weekend.  I was off to make it mine.

How sexy is that?

So that was me, spent up and very happy!  Bret had one more stop as well.

Bret and Khary Payton aka King Ezekiel

Of course, throughout the weekend, Bret disappeared to track down awesome cosplayers.  Here is a bunch of his favourites.

Deadpool and Black Panther

Bane… and wait a minute, there’s a freaking Loki in the background!

Shaun of the Dead

I hope the photos speak for themselves but we had an absolutely amazing time.  Considering how reluctant I was about this show, I ended up having a blast and to be honest, it’s probably up there with the best conventions we’ve ever done.

As always I would like to thank each and every one of our customers, you were all awesome and it was really nice to see some familiar faces too.  I would also like to thank our new friends Craig and Mike from  Enemo J for being so much fun, it was a genuine pleasure to trade next to you.

We’ll hopefully be back at the Excel in October but in the meantime, check out our events page to see where we’ll be next.