MCM London Comic Con May 2017


London Comic Con time.  I have to admit that I do really enjoy this particular event, MCM know how to put on a good show and the cosplayers who attend are in a league of their own.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my PlayBox Boys with me for this one which means a very short blog post because I had noone to do pointless selfies with.  Can you feel my pain?

First thing to do was say a teary goodbye to my little baby.  I knew he would be well looked after but it doesn’t make leaving him any easier.

My little pooch <3

Look at that sad face, it broke my heart

The drive to London was actually quite enjoyable and I got to the Excel in good time.  Usually when you only have a car to offload you get given 15 minutes so I had to do a bit of fluttering my eyelashes to get an extension on that considering I was a “woman in distress” as described by one of the wardens.  Everyone at the Excel is always really super friendly and helpful which always makes it a more pleasurable experience.

Instead of renting a private parking space for the weekend, I decided to cancel my reservation and instead park at the Excel at the reduced rate for the vendors.  Best decision ever! Not only did I save a bit of money but it saved me from having to mess around trying to find the space and then walking back to the Excel (remember last year when that walk across the Thames bridge almost killed me).   Needless to say I will do that in future as well.

Dashing back and forth 4 times from my car to my table did break me out in quite the sweat so that by the time I got to collect my wristband I was in need of a lie down!

Pink!! Pink!! I finally get a pink wristband! My life is complete!

I decided that instead of checking into the hotel first and then setting up, I would complete the table first and then go back to the hotel and collapse.

And a damn fine job I did too! 😉

Table completed, now back to the hotel for some food and a cold beer!  According to RAC route finder, the hotel was a 17 minute walk away which to be honest I was not looking forward to.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that once outside the Excel, it was barely a 10 minute walk if that.

My hotel for this trip was Hampton by Hilton and they had excellent reviews which meant I didn’t have to worry about the place being a cesspit.  So here we go with the boring obligatory hotel photos 😉

Home for the next 3 nights.

Downstairs they had an open restaurant/bar with some extremely comfy sofas and it was just so nice to be able to enjoy a cold drink and unwind.  The dude behind the bar was a top bloke from the Ivory Coast called Abu (and yes I did ask him if he got a load of Aladdin references).  I spent most of the evening there before returning to my room for some much needed shut eye.

Pretty view from my window

After trying to work the air-con for about 30 minutes I finally got it working.  I kid you not, my room was a billion degrees and you could only get the air-con to make it 18 degrees.  18 degrees? Hello!? That’s what I turn my heating up to in the winter.  If I want to cool down, I need it to be at least minus 80, especially in the middle of a heatwave on the top floor of a hotel with floor to ceiling windows which basically means it felt like I was in a greenhouse.  If I had stayed there longer than 3 nights I might have actually grown a couple of inches.

The next morning I went downstairs for the complimentry all-you-can-eat breakfast and let me just tell you it was absolutely phenomenal.  Apart from the usual selection of hot food and continental foods, they had a waffle maker! Holy shit, a waffle maker!! The spread was absolutely amazing and definitely set me up well for the day ahead.

Good morning from Miss PlayBox 🙂

And yes, that is a Pua necklace I’m wearing!! I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE Moana, but that’s a whole different blog post.  However, you can purchase your very own Pua necklace from our table at any of the shows as it’s not available on the website just yet.

Isn’t he just the cutest? <333

Actually, speaking of Moana, there was a personal mission I did have for the day and that was this…

Hurray, the Moana & Pua Pop Vinyl Figure <3

It was the only souvenir I wanted and I was chuffed to pieces to get it.  Gotta love Disney.  It sure did keep me happy for the rest of the day which I have to be honest was a little bit quiet.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my pointless selfie partners in crime with me so you can now breathe a sigh of relief that there’s no selfie spam coming up.  However, my Mommy did send me a photo of my little baby to reassure me he was being looked after.

Awwww, he misses his Mommy 🙁

The convention closed at 7pm so I just went straight back to the hotel, chilled out, had dinner at the bar and then called it a night.

Breakfast once again was a welcome feast although I definitely intended on using the waffle maker the last morning.  At the Excel I had a bit of time to do a little wander before the public started arriving and found myself at one of the Japanese booths selling bubble tea.  I have a thing about anything passion fruit flavoured and I saw they had a passion fruit bubble tea.  Now I’ve never tried bubble tea before but I did not need persuading.

Passion Fruit Bubble Tea

Let me just say that it was one of the most delicious and refreshing drinks (non-alcoholic of course) I’d ever tasted.   If you’ve never tried it then I definitely recommend it.  It’s basically a flavoured cold green tea with these little tapioca pearls which pop in your mouth giving you a burst of flavoured syrup.  A word of warning though, they are addictive, I must have had another 6 or so after my first and they are not sugar friendly.  I hate to think the amount of sugar I consumed from that drink alone, I’m surprised I didn’t drink myself into a coma.

At lunchtime I decided to go back to the Japanese booth, not just because I was picking up more bubble tea but because I wanted to try these bad boys…

Fried Chicken Balls! Well not literally of course 😉

Needless to say, I did actually go back for more later on and had already planned my lunch for the next day.  Hurray for the Japanese booths!

I must just mention that I absolutely fell in love with all the Moana cosplayers.  There was one inparticular who I spoke to who looked absolutely amazing and beautiful.  I did get a photo with her but unfortunately the person taking it didn’t have very good eyesight and focused on the background instead. WTF? I’m just hoping you go in October where I will be sure to nab you again.  Oh and the John Wick cosplayer was freaking awesome! Should have got a photo of him but I was a bit shellshocked when I looked up and thought Keanu Reeves was in the building <3

Once again, no pointless selfie photos to thrill you with but we promise to return to our regular schedule with the next blog post 😉  After a long day at the Excel, I went to dinner at one of the neighbouring hotels to mine so that I could at long last have a bottle of Prosecco because the Prosecco at the Hampton was £30 a bottle which is bloody ridiculous.  However, after ordering my dinner and wine, they brought a bottle of still white wine to the table.  Ummm, no thank you very much, I need fizz! The waitress then came back to tell me they were out of the Prosecco but before I threw myself out of the nearest window she presented me with this…

4 mini bottles of Prosecco, there is a god!

After dinner I went back to my own hotel and the best part of the evening was realising that my lovely friend Sue from Curious Creations was in the same hotel and we were able to sit in the bar enjoying a drink together and having a good gossip!  If you don’t already know who Curious Creations are then you are missing out big time.  Not only do they stock an amazing range of t-shirts and clothing but Sue is a seamstress extraordinaire and makes the most beautiful skirts and pillows.

Guess what I had for breakfast?  Oh yeah!! A big ass, freshly cooked waffle with bacon, scrambled eggs and maple syrup and it was heaven! I’m so bummed I didn’t take my phone with me to breakfast so I could take a photo of it because believe me it was the breakfast of kings!

Last day of the convention which also meant checking out of the hotel.  I’m always sad when a 3 day convention comes to an end because you get to the point where you could actually continue doing it for a few more days  although I’m sure a lot of other vendors would disagree with me especially when they’re just ready to get home!

The ONLY photo I took all day!

On the whole I’d had a really great weekend, it had been a lot of fun and I’d enjoyed myself despite the lack of pointless selfie opportunites and I’m definitely hoping to be back again in October.

No pointless selfies but you can always rely on Snapchat for a laugh

Not quite sure the beard does anything for me

As always, a big big thank you to all our customers that weekend, you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you and a big thank you to all the awesome cosplayers who totally rock.

Next stop, Birmingham for Collectormania…

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