London Film & Comic Con July 2016



London Film & Comic Con!! WOOHOO!! Convention time again!! Bring it on! Okay I have to admit I was VERY excited about this, mainly because of the amount of fangirling I would be doing over the weekend but more of that later 😉

The guest line-up for LFCC Summer 2016 was pretty damn impressive. Like, WOW, Showmasters really pulled out all the stops for this one.  Unfortunately, their number one guest Ron Perlman had to pull out just a week before the show but with the likes of Jeremy Renner, Mads Mikkelsen, Carl Weathers, Famke Janssen, Tobin Bell and Dolph Lundgren to name just a fraction, the show was still going to be smoking HOT!  They even got to host and display the actual screen-used costumes from “Suicide Squad”! How awesome was that?  Yep, it was going to be a whole lot of awesomesauce.

So on Thursday the 28th July, my Son Bret and I set off for the bright lights of London, after having to say goodbye to this guy ;_;


The expression on his face says it all, he can’t believe I’m leaving him for 4 whole days!! Actually, neither could I but don’t get me started ;;;_;;;

The journey to London was pretty good, I actually decided to use the Sat Nav on my phone instead of the usual printed out RAC Route Finder map and it would have be amazing except for my Samsung Note 4 was way too heavy for the cradle and every time I turned a corner it decided to flop down.  After about an hour of this I did start to swear at it but for some reason I just couldn’t be bothered to pull over and waste a valuable 5 minutes driving time sorting it out.  I’m weird like that.

However, we got there in one piece and collected our wristbands.


Woo! Yellow this time! Very flattering! And yes I know I have hairy arms, shut up!

It didn’t take us long to load up our spanking new trolley! It’s green to match my logo you know. Yep, get us! All official and stuff.  However, finding our allocated table was an entirely different matter altogether.  After 10 years of walking round and round in circles we finally found it, right next to another jewellery seller. Um, okay, thanks for that.

We decided to just leave the boxes at the table for now, go find our parking space, check into our hotel, come back to work on the display and then go straight to dinner. Perrrfeck, how’s that for a slice of fried gold? Yeah boy! “ching!”  Finding our parking space was a breeze and soooo close to the Olympia, not like last time for Walker Stalker where it was a 20 minute walk away.  Now I’m not getting snobby or even lazy but when you’ve been on your feet for 3 days, those 0.1 or 0.2 extra miles really do count! Believe me.

Next on the agenda was checking into our hotel.  No obligatory hotel room photos this time. Why? Well let me just say that I have been brought up to believe that if you don’t have anything nice to say about something then it’s probably best not to say anything at all. BUT OMG!!! WHAT A FREAKING DIVE!!! THIS IS SOME REPUGNANT SHIT!!!  Safe to say, if it wasn’t for the bed and the wall fan, we probably would have stayed in the car.

Anyway, moving swiftly on… we went back to the Olympia to start setting up and 3 hours later, came up with this:


Come on, we’re getting pretty good at this arranging thing aren’t we? Aren’t we???

Next, it was time to shove off because we had a dinner reservation at Sticky Fingers and I didn’t want to miss the cocktail hour! I’d been looking forward to this ALL DAY! Hurray!!!




Look at them all lined up, just like a pretty little chorus line.  We’ve got the Black Raspberry Mule, the Sticky’s Almond Breeze and the Berry Mint Blast. They were HEAVEN!


And that’s the same meal I had last time, ribs and chicken wings. If it aint’ broke… 😉

After dinner we headed back to the pit hotel for some much needed rest, eagerly anticipating the next day.

We headed to the Olympia early Friday morning to finish setting up and it wasn’t long before 9am arrived and all the excited people starting rushing in to grab their virtual queue tickets before anyone else.


Miss PlayBox at her station 🙂 Good Morning!


My son Bret and I, ready to start our day.

Surprisingly, Friday was actually quite quiet to be honest.  I didn’t mind this though because it gave Bret and I ample time to wander off and have a look at everything that was on display and also I had some VERY VERY serious fangirling to do at midday.


As you can see, my son was very hard at work!

Okay, so time for Fangirl Session #1 : Julian Sands.  You may or may not have heard of him but when I was 17/18 years old (no I’m not telling you how long ago that was but it was freaking years and years ago) I was MADLY HEAD OVER HEELS in love with Julian Sands. Seriously! I used to drive my family insane! He’s in a bunch of movies, Warlock, Arachnophobia (which I actually saw at the cinema 5 times), Room With A View, The Killing Fields to name just a few. My family had to watch all of these movies and not just once I might add. Yes, I had it bad. And I was about to meet him! I’m not even going to admit how much I had to compose myself before this photo op.


Haha, I seriously have the biggest Cheshire Cat grin ever!! Like that is the cat that got the cream face!

I may be biased but Julian Sands was LOVELY!! And oh my god, he is still so bloody handsome! Obviously, photo ops are run efficiently and very quickly so you barely get time to say anything but I did manage a “it is soooooooo lovely to meet you”. “It is sooooo lovely to meet you too” he replied, putting his arm around me. And Candy almost died.  I thanked him after the photo was taken and before I walked away he said “I like your dress”. And Candy almost died, again.

I was stupidly giddy when I arrived back at my table and very very happy.  To calm myself down, I decided to take a walk around not just because Julian Sands had returned to his signing table and I just wanted to stand and stare at him and check out the Suicide Squad costume display which was located upstairs.



Joker (Jared Leto) and Harley Quinn’s (Margot Robbie) costumes from Suicide Squad.

I actually would have been rather tempted to rub my face into Jared Leto’s costume but a) it’s behind glass and b) it’s probably been laundered so quite pointless really. And yes, Harley Quinn’s short shorts really were short shorts.  The movie hadn’t been released yet but I was really excited to see it (already pre-booked) so I loved this little exhibition.

Then I turned around, ready to go back downstairs and who should I bump into? Yep, Mr Jared Leto himself, looking feisty in his Joker getup.


Fancy bumping into you here!


He was really cool about taking a selfie with me.  Top bloke. I even slipped him my phone number although I never did hear back from him.

Anyway, I had been gone long enough so it was back to work I went.  Except it wasn’t, because it was very quiet and we all know what that means don’t we?




Yep! It’s pointless silly selfie time! Hurray!!!

Before the end of the day, Bret decided to go and do some fanboying. Like Mother like Son.  Bless him.  At least I know he’s mine.  He decided to go meet the actor Keith David (who I was also meeting the next day).



The one and only Keith David with the one and only Bret

Keith David had been really nice to him.  My son was very nervous meeting him and told him so, apparently Keith took him by the hand and told him to calm down while holding onto his hand for a few minutes.  As always, the expression in my son’s eyes says everything *tugs at heartstrings*

Friday Showtime was over and Bret and I had a very important appointment with Pizza Express.



That Prosecco was just what the doctor ordered and I only have half a pizza because I was too hungry to take a photo of the whole thing!

After dinner we retired back to the depths of hell hotel where Bret fell asleep almost instantly (before 9pm which probably hasn’t happened since he was 4 years old).  It honestly had been a fantastic day and I couldn’t wait for Saturday to arrive.

It’s Saturday! Hurray!! We were here again for more fun and fangirling/fanboying and of course hopefully make a few sales.  Sometimes it’s so easy to get excited and I forget I’m there to actually pay my bills.



The Happy PlayBox Team!

Okay, so time for Fangirl Session #2 : Tobin Bell.  I’m sure most of you know who Tobin Bell is, he of course is the face behind Jigsaw in the Saw series.  Also a well established actor with countless other movies and TV shows under his belt but probably most famous for his role as the Mastermind of making sure you cherish your life! I’ve seen most of the Saw movies at the cinema, I absolutely LOVE them and watch them countless times on DVD. I was very excited to meet him and strangely quite calm, well that is until I got about 5 feet away from him and then my heart rate started to work overtime.


I want to play a game! No prizes for guessing what *ahem*

Can I just mention that this man is 74 years old!! 74!! How is it possible to be so attractive at 74 years old? And once again, I was not disappointed. Tobin Bell was charming! By the time I got my turn for the photo op, I think he must have already smiled at least 500 times, I felt so bad for him but then it was my turn and I just wanted to get in there for a cuddle.  Admittedly I did get a bit tongue-tied.  I managed to say how lovely it was to meet him but then he asked how my day had been and my mouth wouldn’t work. I’m so lame. We posed for the photo, I managed to say thankyou but then he complimented me on my outfit and all I could manage was “lovely” before realising I sounded like a complete dork and quickly thanked him before walking off in a daze to collect my photo.  I know, you’d think I would have grown out of this soppiness by now but I actually think I get worse with age.

I got back to my table a very happy bunny.  Bret decided to go explore for a while so off he went while I stared at the photo of Tobin and me.  Mind you, it wasn’t long before Bret was texting me excitedly to inform me he had seen the first Z Nation cosplayer of the weekend.  See, here’s the thing.  My eldest son bought me the Z Nation Series One DVD for Christmas but we only just got around to watching it a month ago.  Then 4 days later ordered the Series Two and then 4 days after that got seriously depressed because there was no more to watch. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that WE LOVED IT!! We loved the characters, we loved the storyline, we loved each and every episode! Infact Bret and I have both admitted that we love it MORE than The Walking Dead.  Yes, I know I shouldn’t be saying that but it’s true. I LOVE Z NATION MORE THAN I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD. There, I said it again 😛

Anyway, there is a point to this.  Bret was very happy to spot a young lady cosplaying as Addison “Addy” Carver. As far as we know, she was the only Z Nation cosplayer the whole weekend (but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).  I told him to politely ask her if she would mind having her photo taken with him. She didn’t 🙂


And the Award for the BEST Cosplayer of the Weekend goes to…

Unfortunately he didn’t get the young lady’s name but I just want you to know that we think you are AWESOME. Infact we think you are soooo awesome that we would like to award you with a prize.  If you happen to be reading this blog post (my son did give you a business card) or if someone who knows you happens to be reading this blog post, please please get in touch and we would like to send you one of our Original Zombie Plan Charm Bracelets.

And so back to regular programme, which can only mean one thing…



Pointless Silly Selfie Time. And here I am practising my duck face in a bathroom! Eat your heart out Ms Kardashian!



The highly professional PlayBox team! But at least we know how to have fun! Oh yes!

Time to get serious again. It’s time for Fangirl Session #3 : Keith David.  I had to meet Keith David, really had to.  The Thing is one of my ALL time favourite movies and Keith David (along with Kurt Russell) was awesome in it.  I was actually only about 8 years old when I first saw it, I had a very cool Uncle (Uncle Michael) who would let my brother and I watch horror movies and The Thing was one of the very first we watched so it was pretty sentimental for me to meet Keith David.  Obviously he’s also well known in the business and has been in Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick, Transporter 2 and has provided his voice talents for a countless amount of video games . It was a genuine honour.


A very magic moment. This is the stuff childhood dreams are made of.

I’ll be totally honest.  I have literally no idea what I said to him or what he said to me! That whole photo op was a blur but I do remember practically floating on air as I collected my photo and made my way back to my table to fangirl.

Wow, what an incredible day! There are no words but then I’m pretty sure the photos speak for themselves.  Bret and I made our way back to Pizza Express to go over and over and over the day with huge smiles on our faces.  No food photos that night though because I learnt the hard way that it’s a really really bad idea to have the spicy pizza covered in half a bottle of chilli oil the night before an early morning start so I had to play it safe and have some boring aubergine dish 🙁

Woke up to the sad realisation that it was the last day.  I also had no more fangirl sessions planned either so instead I decided to do something a bit different and quite possibly a little bit brave.  Yep, for the first time in god knows how many years, I decided to cosplay. OMG! Run for the hills! Having done a couple of these shows now I have always been in awe of the cosplayers.  The amount of time and effort that must go into their costumes is really admirable and honestly, they look like they are having a blast and I’m all for having a bit of fun.

So, I got up just a bit earlier to transform myself into…..


Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be Harley Quinn.

Ta-da! LOL! Yes, I decided to be Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad because she’s awesome and I wanted to be Mrs J 😉 However, I will make something VERY clear.  Just so you know, I DID NOT wear the full costume, that is, everything apart from the short shorts. The reason is quite simple,  a) my ass isn’t short shorts material and b) more importantly, a lady my age should not be seen wearing hot pants! So to preserve my dignity, I wore a red skirt instead.  You can all breathe a sigh of relief now.

We checked out of the hotel after the manager looked up from his desk and exclaimed “you look fantastic!” although I have to admit I felt a bit self conscious walking to the Olympia in my costume but everyone who commented on it was actually really kind and I had nothing but positive comments.  Infact I had only been at my table for 10 minutes when one of my customers that weekend came running over to say that he had bought a miniature Harley Quinn necklace from me and now I was Harley Quinn and could he have his photo taken with me.  So someone out there has a photo of a blushing Harley Quinn!

It was Bret’s turn to do a bit of fanboying today and he’s a bit of a wrestling freak and LFCC had quite a good selection of wrestling guests so off he went to meet one of his favourites.



Mr Rob Van Dam and Mr Bret Van PlayBox

Admittedly, I have no idea who he is but he made my son happy and that’s good enough for me.


That’s one happy fanboy right there!

Oh incase you’re wondering, Rob Van Dam did not give Bret that lipstick print on his cheek, just thought I better clear that up.  That’s a Harley Quinn kiss 😉  But his fanboy shift wasn’t quite over just yet, oh no, he had a date with…..


Mr Adam “Edge” Copeland

I don’t know much about him either I’m afraid but Bret sure was excited about meeting him and it’s a lovely photo.  Fanboying was now completed, next on the agenda was to spend all the pocket money burning a hole in his pocket and what did he come back with?



Let me introduce Mr Bret “Steampunk” PlayBox

I have a feeling we may see a steampunk cosplay from him at some point.  Mind you, he wasn’t the only one with pocket money to spend.  Oh yes, it was my turn and I did the best haul of all.


Can you notice a theme here? 😉

And that was it 🙁 All our money was spent, we had fangirled and fanboyed our hearts out, we had met some wonderful amazing people and we had some fantastic memories.  It really had been an enjoyable weekend and we had enjoyed every second of it.  Packing up is always sad to do and very stressful but I must thank Showmasters for really putting on a great event which we were really proud to be a part of.


Sad faces :(((

I just want to thank all our wonderful customers that weekend, it was truly lovely to meet you all.  Thankyou to the handful of people who actually wanted to take my photo on Sunday, I was very humbled by that. We’ve made some new friends, saw some old ones and we’re really looking forward to the next convention which for us will be in Bournemouth and we hope to see you all there too <3

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