London Film & Comic Con 2018


London Film and Comic Con 2018! Always one of my very favourite shows to do and as usual, ShowMasters pulled out all the stops to promise one hell of a HOT line-up.  The guest list was huge but to name a few, David Duchovny, Peter Capaldi, Jason Momoa, Christopher Eccleston, Meat Loaf and Steven Seagal.  A couple of the big names had to cancel, like Val Kilmer and Megan Fox which caused some disappointments but overall, I think ShowMasters did a fantastic job.  Trust me when I say, I had my fangirl pants on and was ready to do some very serious fangirling over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the guest list was not the only hot thing on the menu for the weekend.  It of course just happened to be at a time when the UK was in the middle of a heatwave.  Now, I’m not one to complain about the hot weather but essentially, the Olympia is a giant greenhouse and when the forecast is promising 34 to 36 degree heat, the last place you want to be is in a giant greenhouse.

Oh well, the show must go on, but first I had the usual heart breaking task of saying goodbye to my precious furball.  Infact, I had burst into tears over it the night before and no matter how many of these business trips I take, it just never gets any easier.

Look at his sad face! He even looks like he has tears in his eyes ;_;

The drive to London was pretty straightforward and luckily the air-con prevented us from suffocating from the heat.  My only complaint is that Bret insists on skipping my Chris Redfield dedicated songs on our car playlist.  Yep, I have Chris Redfield dedications on my playlist because I’m totally weird like that and probably should be locked up or something. *shrugs*

Anyway, the load in was enormous fun! Walking back and forth from the car to our table, in the heat, in a huge glass roofed building where the air conditioning had not been turned on because afterall, we are just the traders. FUN!  If it hadn’t been for our little battery operated hand held fans I probably would have passed out.  In hindsight though, I should have bought a few thousand of them and sold them at the table all weekend, would have made a killing for sure.

After loading in we took the car to her safe keeping place for the weekend and then returned to the Olympia to set up.  Luckily it’s one of the quickest set ups we’ve ever achieved, mainly because my new and efficient convention organisational skills just keep getting better and better.  Go me!  Infact by 4pm we were ready to go check into our hotel and we even had over an hour spare to chill (and I mean that literally) before our dinner reservation.

We actually stayed here last year but this time, no squashed spiders on the ceiling!

Thank god for hotel rooms with ceiling fans, that’s all I can say!  We had brought our plug in desk fan with us anyway but the ceiling fan was going to be a life-saver!

After an hour and a half of cooling down and dozing, we ventured out into the heat and headed to our favourite Kensington destination.  That’s right, Sticky Fingers.  Cocktails, just gimme the cocktails!  I was also very happy to discover that our waiter was the dude who looked like Murphy from Z-Nation (we had spotted him the year before), I swear next time I’m getting a photo!

Raffles Singapore Sling & Poppin’ Watermelon

Killer Zombie & Long Island Ice Tea

We didn’t bother taking any photos of our dinner because we ordered the same we order every time we go there, ribs and chicken combo and lets face it, that doesn’t look half as pretty as my cocktails do.  After consuming my fourth cocktail I can honestly say I wasn’t feeling tipsy at all, however, I did manage to fall UP the stairs on my way back from the bathroom, in full view of everyone outside.  Not my finest moment.

For the first time, Bret and I broke our usual “starter for dessert” tradition and instead opted for an actual dessert.  Well mine was a liquid dessert in the form of a cocktail but it still counts.

Salted Caramel Donut Freakshake and Frapp-Aero

Mine was delicious, basically a mint Aero cocktail and Bret’s was just sickly AF!  See all that “whipped cream”? Now I don’t know what kind of whipped cream it was but it was very rich, like clotted cream and there was a shit ton of it.  I tried just a couple of spoonfuls and have no idea how Bret managed it.  TMI alert but by the time we got back to the hotel, it was ready to go through us like the Doncaster Express! Never again!

I spent the rest of the evening drawing a sign for our table because like a complete fool I had forgot to print one out (stress head) and getting excited about the fangirling I would be doing the next day.

Luckily, we had managed to sleep through the hot night without too much disturbance although to be honest, that doesn’t apply to Bret who has been known to sleep through an earthquake.  Nothing can wake that boy, not even the alarms he sets for himself on his phone.  They wake everyone else up, but not him!

Good morning world! Who’s ready for some major fangirling today? Yes, that would be me!

I had three photo ops booked for the day, all spaced apart and only one of them in the morning.  That meant I had to try and remain cool all day so that by the time my last photo op arrived, I wouldn’t look like I just spent the day in a sauna.  Good luck with that one.

We arrived at the Olympia an hour too early because the time on our trader’s sheet was wrong.  I could have had breakfast!  Oh well!  At least our table was ready to go.

Looking good!

Let’s do this! YAY!!

Also, can I just say that once again we got really lucky with our trading neighbour.  As I’ve said before, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you just don’t not mentioning any names.  This time we had the pleasure of a lovely Asian dude called San (I hope I spelt that right) who really was one of the nicest people I have ever met, anywhere, in my entire life!  He was the sweetest person and I can tell you now, that by the end of the weekend, I knew his entire life story.  He was awesome and I hope we get to trade next to him again.

Time for some quick morning selfies before the madness starts.

So, lets start with Fangirl Session #1: One of my all time favourite movies is The Fog.  It’s just a total classic, I’ve watched it 100’s of times and I never get bored of it.  Now the remake is a different story.  I’m sorry to say but it’s actually quite shite and that’s putting it politely.  However, there is a good reason to still watch it and that reason is Tom Welling.  Infact, Tom Welling is the ONLY reason to make the effort of putting the DVD into the player.  But yes, the man is hella handsome and probably best known for his role as Superman in Smallville although I love him in the Cheaper By The Dozen movies.

I was very excited to meet him…

The man is a full head taller than me!! WOAH!!

I had absolutely no idea how freaking tall he was, I should have brought a step-ladder with me.  He was lovely though.  I asked him how he was and he told me his cheeks were aching and then laughed and said he was just kidding.  Haha, I thought, this was Friday, imagine how much his cheeks would be aching by the end of Sunday!  He’s so cute and did not disappoint and I was just really happy that I got to meet him.

Candy cooling off in the bathroom or just an excuse for bathroom selfies? You decide!

Actually I was really cooling off because it was a lot cooler in there than on the floor.  It was freaking hot anyway, but you add a few thousand bodies to that and you have a sticky mess.  Our little hand held fans were probably the best thing we have ever bought.

So, onto Fangirl Session #2:  As I previously stated, The Fog is one of my all time favourite movies and I was just about to meet the legendary Tom Atkins.  He’s the original Nick Castle (and in all fairness, should have been the ONLY Nick Castle) but it was very cool I got to meet both Nick Castles.  Anyway, this man has been in pretty much everything I love, Escape From New York, Halloween III (yes, I’m aware everyone else hates that movie but I’ve always thought it was bloody good) and Drive Angry.  His filmography is very impressive, he’s been acting for years and it really was a genuine honour to be able to meet him.

The man ages like a fine wine!

I’m lucky that so far (touch wood) I haven’t had any bad experiences meeting any of my favourite actors as I’ve heard some horror stories and Tom Atkins was no exception.  Such a warm and friendly man, he even took the time to shake hands and ask everyone their name.  After our photo was taken and I thanked him, he shouted out “She’s a sweetie! She’s a real sweetie”.  What a lovely man <3

I guess I should mention that I was actually working inbetween all the fangirling! Honest!  Although to be fair I did arrange to have most of my photo ops on the Friday as it’s generally a lot quieter than the weekend days.

Onto Fangirl Session #3:  Some of you may remember that 2 years ago at the same show, I was very excited because I got to meet Tobin Bell from one of my favourite horror series, Saw.  Well today I was meeting Costas Mandylor who plays Detective Mark Hoffman and I’m not embarrassed to admit that I have had many hotanderotic fantasies about this character.  Of course, Costas has been in many other movies and I even own a few but for me, Mark Hoffman is where it’s at and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited and nervous I was to meet him.

As I entered the partition into the actual photograph area, I could see Costas just a short distance away already posing with his fans.  OH. MY. FCUKING. GOD!!! I was not prepared for just how freaking hot this man was.  I mean, I knew he was hella handsome and sexy, obviously, but this was something else.  He was just drop dead fcuking gorgeous!  And don’t even get me started on those arms.  Calm down Candy, calm down.

But wow, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a sexier man in all my life.  He was just…….. gah!  The closer I got to him, the harder I was finding it to compose myself.  I just wanted to scoop him up and take him home.

I am literally trembling in this photo! How fcuking lame of me!

Afterwards he said “thanks baby” and that was me, I did wee a little.  But check him out! His arms, his hands, his eyes, his face, his beard.  He’s just totally beautiful.  Anyway, I think you get the idea, I really really enjoyed meeting Costas Mandylor <333

Bret, not wanting to be the one to miss out on all the excitement decided that it was his turn to do a bit of fanboying.  That’s my boy!

Bret had recently got into a show called iZombie which I have to admit I know absolutely nothing about.  He was hooked though and so off he went to meet Rose McIver who plays Liv Moore.

Damn, my boy is so freaking handsome!

Well, what a day!  We had fangirled/boyed our little hearts out, somehow managed to survive the heat and also had a satisfying trading day.  So off we went to Nando’s for some well deserved dinner!  No photos because we devoured it all before the plates even hit the table.

We went back to our hotel room, very happy and looking forward to the next day.  Also, we had left the ceiling fan on all day so the room was almost freezing! Oh the bliss! You can’t imagine how lovely it was to be cold.

No fangirling or fanboying on the agenda today but we did have family stopping by so that was something to look forward to.  It was going to be even hotter today and with a sold out Saturday that meant there was going to be plenty of bodies to rise the temperature even more.

Today, I am Princess Candy 🙂

We got to the Olympia, this time at the right time and settled in for a busy day.  Just before the general admission came in, I decided it would be the perfect time for some bathroom selfies because why the hell not!

Only bathroom selfies of the day I can promise you.

On the way back to my table I bumped into my family, my two cousins and my Auntie.  My youngest cousin had some fanboying to do, my eldest cousin had some shopping to do and so my Auntie decided to stay with me.

Check out my new assistant! That’s my Auntie Sally!

Actually, I have to say I was really glad to have my Auntie there as Bret had decided to bugger off for pretty much the whole day and I had some moments where it got so busy I didn’t even have time to write down the sales inbetween each customer.  My Auntie also came in very handy for untangling the necklace stand and keeping the display nice and tidy.  Gotta love family!  It goes without saying that I also introduced my Auntie to the fine art of pointless selfies.

Miss PlayBox and Auntie PlayBox

My youngest cousin came back looking rather happy.  He had met Sabrina Gennarino and Thomas Francis Murphy who played a couple of The Scavengers in The Walking Dead (Tamiel and Brion).  He was delighted to meet Sabrina, who also gave him a much cherished kiss on the cheek.  I still don’t know if he’s washed it off. As for Thomas, well, lets just leave it at that grumpy sod.

My cousin Alex with the Garbage People

By the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted but I couldn’t complain because we had done really well and was already looking forward to the next day.  Infact, now the Sunday was also a sell-out day because in the late afternoon, ShowMasters decided to make a sneaky guest announcement for the following day, David Tenant.  Apparently the internet broke with people trying to get last minute tickets and photo ops.

Once again we headed for Nando’s, why oh why does it have to be so far away?!! Then back to the hotel to enjoy a nice bottle of wine and Avengers: Age of Ultron on TV.  Actually, we must have pissed someone off because half way through the movie we got told by management to turn the volume down.  How can you watch Avengers with the volume down? That’s just plain mean!

It was our final day, nothing to be too sad about though because Bret and I both had photo ops to look forward to.

This is me looking extremely pleased with myself because my hair hadn’t gone frizzy all weekend and my bangs managed to stay flat even in the extreme heat.

At least I might be able to look half decent in my photos today, I thought to myself as I checked out of the hotel and walked outside into the lovely bright…….   rain! WTF? Just my bloody luck! I had no coat, no jacket, no cardigan, nothing with long sleeves and fabric shoes.  At least I always keep a hat in my bag or else I would have been royally pissed off.  Only in the UK can you enjoy a sweltering heatwave one minute and then the pissing rain the next.  Thanks very much!

I got to the Olympia not too drenched and made a quick bathroom check to make sure my hair wasn’t too messed up for my photo ops.  Can you believe the stress of it all?

Bangs flat, hair flower in place, lets go do some fangirling!

Okay, so on to Fangirl Session #4:  My ultimate girl crush, infact my FIRST ever girl crush.  Caroline Munro <333  Now I was VERY young when I fell in love with Caroline Munro, probably around 7 or 8 years old.  All I knew back then was that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.  I had seen her in Dracula AD 1972, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and then every Saturday night when she was a hostess for the family game show 321.  Later on she became a Bond Girl in The Spy Who Loved Me.  She was just perfection in my eyes.

Lining up, I felt incredibly nervous and also very emotional.  Having been a fan of hers for so long and then to finally meet her was just amazing.  I was almost at the front of the line when she arrived so I got to watch her have a couple of test shots taken.  Trust me when I say, she still IS the most beautiful woman in the world.  I was in awe!

When it was my turn I had to take a deep breath before walking towards her.  I needn’t have been so nervous though, she was LOVELY.  She turned to me with the biggest smile and commented on how beautiful I looked.  Oh my god, Caroline Munro, the most beautiful woman in the world, just called me beautiful.  Then she repeated it “you look beautiful, so beautiful”. I told her how she had been my very first girl crush and she thanked me! LOL! I didn’t have time to mention that if she ever divorced her husband, she could marry me.  Then she put her arm around me and we had our photo taken.

This is truly what dreams come true look like!

After the photo was taken, she again turned to me and told me I was beautiful to which I replied that she was the beautiful one.  As I walked off, she was still commenting on how beautiful I was to the photographer and anyone else in ear shot.  WOW! By the time I got back to Bret I was in tears! Happy tears I might add.  I just kept replaying the last ten minutes over and over again in my head.  I was literally walking on air after that.

Not to feel left out, Bret had his last bit of fanboying for the weekend.  Another iZombie actor, Rahul Kohli who plays Dr Ravi Chakrabarti.  Again, I have no idea who this is but it sure impressed the hell out of his college friends.

My handsome boy and Dr Ravi

Finally, it was time for Fangirl Session #5:  He needs no introduction though because guess what? Yep, it’s Costas Mandylor, AGAIN!  For the first time in my fangirling history, I had to go back and meet him again and this time I was on a mission, I wanted a hug!

Once again, I was blown away by how hot this man was.  There are no words to describe it, he’s just absolutely FCUKING GORGEOUS!  I’m smitten!  I think I was the 3rd one in line to meet him which gave me about 20 seconds to compose myself so that I had enough courage to walk straight up to him, throw my arms around him and ask for a hug.

And that’s EXACTLY what I did…..

How freaking happy do I look? I didn’t want to let go!

I practically ran back to Bret, waving my photo in the air and shouting “oh my god Bret, I fcuking love it!”

That was literally 30 minutes before the end of LFCC 2018 but wow, talk about ending with a bang.  What an absolutely phenomenal weekend we’d had and we had enjoyed every second of it.  We both got to meet some of our favourite actors which made for some amazing memories to take home with us.

As usual, we had the best customers in the world and I always like to take the time to thank each and every one of you.  Obviously, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love doing.  Also, I do believe this was the first show we’ve ever finished knowing that we had done exceptionally well.  Yep, it was hot and humid, we had the packing up to do, we were utterly exhausted, our feet wanted to drop off and die but there was no way you could have wiped the smile off our faces. We were very very happy.

That was London Film and Comic Con 2018, one to definitely remember and we’re already signed up for the 2019 dates which we are really looking forward to.  We hope to see you all there.