London Film & Comic Con 2017


It was that time again, LFCC! London Film and Comic Con and as usual, Showmasters put on a fantastic show.  I have no idea how they manage to sign up so many amazing guests but this year they had Benedict Cumberbatch, Pamela Anderson, Christopher Lloyd, Steven Yuen and Terence Stamp to name a few.  I have to admit, that if it wasn’t for the fact I refused to buy any photo ops this time around due to someone continuing to eat too many pies to the point where she looks like a freaking pie, I would have been well and truly bankrupt by the end of it.  My favourite guests announced were Terence Stamp and Tommy Flanagan, oh my how I really wanted to meet Tommy Flanagan.

So this time I was just happy knowing I was going to be there, see my friends and have a great time.  Not to mention that we also had a reservation at Sticky Fingers and you all know what that means by now 😉  Once again, I had to say a teary goodbye to my little baby who I knew would be waiting patiently for my return.

My sad little man ;_;

As usual, he liked to cause a bit more grief and stress before I left by throwing up all night!  Thanks for that, as if I didn’t worry enough.  The journey to London was pleasant enough though, Bret and I had made a Linkin Park playlist to last us a couple of hours.  We are currently in musical mourning after the untimely passing of our beloved Chester Bennington.  Seriously though, I brought my boys up on Linkin Park and the news of his death hit me very very hard.  You’ve all seen a billion photos of me by now from the numerous blog posts and I’m sure you’ve noticed the flames tattoo I have on my left forearm.  Well, just over 10 years ago after the release of “Minutes To Midnight” I got that tattoo as a tribute to Chester (he also has the flame tattoo but on both forearms) and Linkin Park.  RIP Chester <333

We got to the Olympia in good time and went with our usual plan of dropping off the boxes and collecting our wristbands before heading out to park the car up for the weekend and find our hotel.

Day-Glo yellow, how delightful :/

The hotel was conviently located just a couple of roads across from the Olympia which of course would be very welcome each morning.  We checked in and went to our room to leave our bags…

Okay, so not bad right?

Unfortunately, you really do get what you pay for in London and upon further inspection we came across this…

Yes, they are squashed flies on the ceiling.  Infact, ALL over the ceiling. Lovely.

And yes, the curtains left a lot to be desired

But hey ho, it’s still a billion times better than the nightmare hotel we had last year so who’s complaining?  Not us!  Even though we did have to put socks on to walk around on the floor.  As long as we had a clean bed it was going to do us fine.  We then made our way back to the Olympia and started the long process of setting up.  We had a dinner reservation at cocktail o’clock and so I really wanted to get our table finished in good time, even if I did have to go at it like a maniac.

3 and a half hours later we achieved this:

We’re finally getting the hang of this 😉

Table done, next stop Sticky Fingers! Oh yes, I live for these moments.  It’s cocktail time!

That’s the Purple Rain and Kiss Me Quick

Obviously I wasted no time getting my first 2 cocktails order in.  Trust me, there’s more where that came from.  Next, dinner and believe me when I say I was hungry!

Ribs and chicken combo, as usual, but you just can’t go wrong!

Dinner done but we had worked up quite the appetite and being quite the fussy dessert eaters, Bret and I went back to the starter menu and instead ordered some Full House Fries instead.

Now that is so much better than choclate brownie and icecream (sorry about the half eaten mess).

Of course I wasn’t leaving without ordering a second round of cocktails as well.

I couldn’t resist the Porn Star Martini (again) and the Baileys Banana Colada <3

So after my cocktail belly was full we made our way back to the hotel for a bit of tv before bedtime even though Bret is totally bossy and we only watch what he wants to watch.

Beauty and the Beast pyjamas! Hurray!

Good night y’all

We didn’t bother hanging around the hotel for the “continental” breakfast (we’ve seen enough of these to know it just isn’t worth the bother) so we just went straight to the Olympia.  Before heading to our table we went to see Auntie Sue from Curious Creations to go say hello.  She had already told us she had gifts for us both, so there we were eager and excited to find out what our surprise was.

OMG! A Beauty & the Beast cushion! I’m in love <333

Isn’t it just beautiful?  I think you all know I’m a huge Disney fan by now and Beauty and the Beast is my favourite so needless to say I was more than chuffed with my pillow.

Well someone looks VERY happy!

Yep, our Auntie Sue is the freaking BEST and we love her!  Obviously that was a great start to the morning and put us in an excellent mood for the rest of the day.

How about some bathroom selfies? Don’t mind if I do!

And some quick pointless selfies with Bret before he magically disappeared!

Bret’s favourite thing to do now is hunt down all the cosplayers and get a photo with them.  Seriously, he is literally gone for hours doing this.  Yeah thanks Bret.  Luckily my lovely friend Andrew stopped by a couple of times to say hello and have a chat.

Spiderman and Geeky Spiderman <3

Bret had already decided weeks ago that he was going to get a photo op, what he couldn’t decide was who he was going to get that photo op with.  Finally, during the journey to the Olympia yesterday, he decided that the lucky celebrity was going to be Steven Yuen.  As most, if not all of you Walking Dead fans know, Steven Yuen played Glenn who unfortunately is no longer with us thanks to Lucille.  Bret was extremely excited about his photo op and some time in the afternoon came back to proudly show me this:

SPOILER ALERT! Bret with the definitely not dead Glenn!

Isn’t it just fantastic!! I always get so proud when I see my son’s photo op pictures.  His company was short-lived because then off he went again leaving me all by myself while he hunted down more cosplayers.  Luckily my Mom sent me a photo of my beautiful little baby to keep me going.

Look at him, not a care in the world!

Unfortunately no Bret, means no tea boy which makes for a very sad Candy 🙁

Hmmm? Where is Bret? Where is my tea?

Luckily I managed to make it until the end of the day without passing out and Bret and I decided to try somewhere new for dinner.  Actually he wanted to go to MacDonalds (WTF??) which is a fair 20 minute walk from the Olympia and let me just say that when you’ve been on your feet all day, you really DO NOT want to walk for 20 minutes just for a freaking MacDonalds.  The deal was, if we found something more interesting on the way then we would go there instead.

Thank god for Nando’s…

Now that’s what you call a meal!

We’ve found our new Pizza Express (the place we used to go to EVERY time we worked at the Olympia after Sticky Fingers the first night).  Honestly though, it was great food at a great price, only downside is that the place is pretty packed close together and noisy but that’s just me being old.  They don’t sell sparkling wine either but that wasn’t a deal breaker because I bought one from Sainsbury’s on the way back to the hotel and was happy as a pig in shit!

Auntie Sue had given me a dress to try on (one which they stock at Curious Creations) and yes that is my wine you can see in the background, along with my acrylic travel flute! Get me 😉

Well that’s my outfit for Sunday sorted! YAY! And look at the cute underskirt! Gotta love The Joker <3

So that was the end of Friday, the weekend hadn’t even started yet and already we were having a total blast.  Roll on tomorrow!

Once again we skipped breakfast and went straight to the Olympia.  My outfit for the day got quite a few compliments before I’d even reached the Arena although I never actually got any decent photos of it other than the pointless selfies I took.  Duh!

Today I was excited because I knew 2 of my cousins were coming down and would be popping by to see me.

I love my family <3

If you’ve got a keen eye, you may well recognise them from the Walker Stalker blog.  Alex, he’s the one on the right, is a huge Walking Dead fan (he met Norman Reedus at WSC, go check out the awesome photo on my blog) and today he was meeting Steven Yuen (who Bret met yesterday) and Emily Kinney who played Beth (she was never a favourite of the PlayBox team, LOL).  It’s always lovely to see family and friends at conventions, plus it’s always nice to know I’m not the only geeky one in the family.

And that was probably the last I saw of Bret for a couple of hours!

Luckily I wasn’t left alone for too long as my cousin Nick came to see me while Alex was off and about doing his fanboying.

Miss PlayBox and Cousin Playbox :)))

It wasn’t long before Alex returned with a HUGE cheshire cat grin on his face.  He had also gone to get signings and had accidently trod on Emily Kinney’s foot!! He was so embarrassed when she gave him a “death look” but to be honest, I thought it was bloody hilarious!! LOL!  Anyway, he was happy and I was very happy for him.

Alex and Emily “don’t tread on my feet” Kinney ;P

Lovely photo of Alex with Steven Yuen

Unfortunately my cousins had to leave early but at least Bret came back from his cosplay travels to actually spend a bit of time at the table.  Yeah, thanks Bret!

Nobody bothered to tell me that my hanger straps were on show!

A quick wardrobe adjustment and we’re back to our regular schedule of pointless selfies

It didn’t take long before Bret disappeared again but this time he was on a mission.  Instead of hanging out around the cosplay stage he decided to go upstairs where the celebrities were and hover about until they started to call it a day and pack up.  Cheeky little bugger then casually walks up to WWE legend William Regal and manages to get himself a free selfie :O

Look at the smug look on Bret’s face!

I’ll admit that I don’t actually know who William Regal is but OMG! Who is this Bret? I’d say that was pretty much the most ballsy thing he’s done to date.  Kudos to Bret.

Once again, we decided to dine at Nando’s and despite my feet killing me and it was raining, I just about managed the 10 minute walk to get there.  No food photos though because we had exactly the same as the night before.  After dinner we headed straight for the hotel but again made a quick stop on the way so I could get a bottle of wine.  Oh yes, this is the life <3

It was the last morning 🙁  We checked out of the hotel and made our way to the Olympia.  I always prefer 3 day conventions because it always seems more worthwhile, you spend all those hours setting up and at least you know you’ve put in a long weekend before having to break it all down again.

First job of the day was…

Bathroom selfies! Hurray!

Bret decided to stick to his usual antics and go hunt down every single cosplayer in the building and get a photo with them.  Trust me, he practically used up all his memory on his phone doing this, he even had to delete a few apps to make more space!  He did however, pop back with tea for me and also for the occasional pointless selfie.

Gotta love our professionalism ;p

By the end of the day, while I was busy discreetly “tidying” up, Bret decided to go back upstairs and again try out his new trick for getting free selfies with the celebrities.  Some time after he came back to the table with the biggest grin ever and showed me this…


Can you believe it?  The only person I wanted to go and see all weekend and Bret manages to pull off a free selfie with him, even if Tommy does look a bit bemused about it! LOL!!  Apparently Bret had been up there stalking the area where Tommy was doing his signings, waited for him to pack up and then just ran up to him (while he was in the middle of taking a call I might add) and asked for a photo.  He didn’t wait for Tommy to reply and just took the picture (hence why it’s a bit blurry) and then slaps him on the back twice (omg, he touched him as well) like they were old buddies or something and thanked him before running off.

LOL! I’ve got to hand it to Bret though, I never would have had the nerve but he just went for it.  Decided that’s what he wanted and just went for it.  Freaking awesome really.  That kid has some balls let me tell you.  I’m so bloody proud! Although I have to tell you, now whenever Bret gets nervous about anything, I just remind him “if you can walk up to Tommy Flanagan and get a photo, you can damn well do ANYTHING”.  I will be reminding him this for the rest of his life!

Well, what an amazing weekend!  As I mentioned, Bret did have a photo with almost every cosplayer there but I got him to choose his 3 favourite.  If you recognise yourself and would like credit, please just email me at or use the contact form and let me know your details.

Batman… on date night I can only presume

The Undertaker

Purge 3 tourist gang – how freaking awesome is this!

Thank you to all the cosplayers that weekend, especially the ones who put a big smile on my son’s face.  I do appreciate you being very nice to him, even though you’ve already been asked for a gazillion photos and it takes about 10 hours to get from one side of the room to the other.

Thank you to all my customers that weekend, as usual, I do appreciate each and every one of you.  Also, I’m very sorry that for some of you my card machine was very tempermental due to the crappy signal inside the Olympia.  The fact that you still came back after having to line up for the cash machine is incredible and I can’t thank you enough.

We had an absolute blast let me tell you and we’ve already signed up for next year.  Although next year I WILL be doing some fangirling I promise you 😉  Can’t wait to see you all there.

A little random side note…

The day before I left for that show I am very very proud to announce that I became an Auntie for the very first time.  My brother Jay and his partner Emily (who by the way, met through the Walker Stalker Convention) blessed our family with a beautiful baby girl, Samara Jane.  Obviously because I was working I didn’t get the chance to see her until the day after I got back but when I did, let me just say it was love at first sight.

Auntie PlayBox and her beautiful niece Samara

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