Collectormania 2017


Collectormania! At long last I was doing Collectormania and I was very excited.  See, when we started doing conventions last year, for some reason, Showmasters didn’t do Collectormania in 2016 and I had seen the line-up the previous year and was in absolute awe of the guest list (truthfully I would have been broke from all the photo ops I would have purchased).  So I was delighted when they announced one for this year and immediately signed up.

Collectormania isn’t just your typical film and comic con convention, they also bring in a HUGE amount of sports stars as well.  It’s the second biggest show that Showmasters do (after LFCC of course) and I was really looking forward to it.  What I wasn’t looking forward to was the drive to the NEC, I’m sure you remember my hate/hate relationship with that venue after MCM Birmingham last November.

As always, I had to say a VERY heartbreaking good bye to my little pooch and I do mean heart breaking.  He had a nasty ear infection and was on medication and to be honest I actually would have cancelled the whole weekend but I knew he was going to be well looked after.

I was literally in tears 10 minutes after this photo was taken ;_;

The drive to Birmingham wasn’t too bad and we managed to arrive in good time.  I wasn’t actually feeling too stressed and the nice men at the lorry park gave me 2 lollipops so what more could you want in life?  We parked up and collected our wristbands.

Blue! How stylish 🙂

Next we had to unload the car and then drive to the carpark which of course was a gazillion miles away! Thanks NEC!  I promise I’m not going to spend the entire post moaning about the NEC.  At least we didn’t have to get the freaking bus to the hall but it was a good 10 minute walk.

Set up went surprisingly well and I think it’s the first time that we actually managed to complete the entire thing without having to come in early the next morning.  We were on the ball!

All done! And not too shabby, even if I do say so myself 😉

Next stop was Subway, our hotel didn’t serve dinner Friday to Sunday (freaking typical) so instead of driving around looking for somewhere to eat, we decided to pick up some subs to take back.  Plus they had a bar at the hotel and that’s all I needed anyway.  Quick bathroom stop before we left, just because…

Bathroom selfie! YAY! I look absolutely knackered!

The hotel was about 15 minutes away which wasn’t too bad.  Unfortunately the weather decided to absolutely chuck it down to the point where I couldn’t see a damn thing through the windscreen even with the wipers on maximum.  Not only that but the Sat Nav decided to take me to the completely wrong place! Yep, awesome.  Surprisingly we did make it there in one piece.  I was quite worried to be honest as it was a Holiday Inn Express and hella cheap compared to the hotels in the NEC area.  However, I needn’t have been concerned at all, it was clean, big enough and had an air con I could actually work! And so on with the hotel room photo spam…

Not half bad!!

Bret and I spent the rest of the evening in the bar devouring our Subways!  I, of course had my bottle of Prosecco and then later on we decided to take advantage of the bar menu (which consisted of pizza, pizza or pizza) before wasting a few quid in the vending machines on Ben and Jerry’s and heading back to our room.

So not only was the room so much better than we expected, the breakfast was pretty damn awesome as well.  Oh yes, all you can eat hot and cold buffet breakfast! Thank you breakfast god!  After filling up on bacon and eggs, we made our way to the NEC which of course was chock-a-block full of traffic and we had to wait 10 hours just to park the car.  Then of course, that delightful walk to the hall always puts a big smile on my face and a stitch in my side and a cramp in my calf.

All moaning aside though, we were ready to start our day.

Happy Collectormania from the PlayBox Team

Lets get the morning off to a good start by throwing in a couple of pointless selfies because lets face it, I was suffering from withdrawal symptons after not being able to do any at London Comic Con.

Finally! The return of the pointless selfies! Hurray!

As always, the cosplayers had me in complete awe at all the amazing effort that obviously went into their costumes.  One of my favourites from the weekend was this Disney duo:

Gotta love The Little Mermaid <3

Unfortunately this weekend I had no photo ops and I’m going to admit that it was purely for vanity reasons.  That is that Miss PlayBox has been eating all the freaking pies and is in no way shape or form photo op material right now! Yep, I suck and eat too much. However, that meant that I did save a few quid which meant I had money for this little cutey:

Awww, my very own pet Nemmy!

As most of you know by now, I am a pretty big Resident Evil freak (the games, not the movies) and one day I’ll have to write a blog about how my obsession did actually get to pretty scary proportions (I kid you not).  For now I’ll just explain that Resident Evil 3 was the first RE game I played (on Playstation 1) and so has it’s special place in my heart.  So for that reason alone, Nemesis HAD to be mine!

Now I will admit that the Pop Vinyl figure was all I planned on buying that weekend until I just happened to walk past a table selling this:

OMG!!! Beauty & The Beast Merchandise at Collectormania!!

Now I couldn’t very well leave that could I?  Actually it’s very rare to see Disney merchandise at any of the Comic Cons so it was a really nice treat and made me a very happy bunny indeed.

Bret on the other hand, DID have a photo op and some massive massive fanboying to do.

Bret’s face though! Could he look any more chuffed?

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Ernie Hudson! Now you probably recognise him from The original Ghostbusters movies but Bret is a BIG fan of The Crow in which Mr Hudson plays the fantastic character Sergeant Darryl Albrecht.  Can you believe that this man is 71 years old?? Holy crap!! Anyway, my son was practically walking on air after that photo op and you have to admit that his photo is pretty damn awesome!

But that was not the end of Bret’s good fortune.  Nope, I happened to mention to my good friend Sue from Curious Creations about his love for The Crow and guess what she had for him?

This boy is having the day of his life, let me tell you!

Needless to say that my good friend Sue is now Auntie Sue to Bret!  Oh and incase you didn’t already know or read my last blog post about how awesome my friend is then please please please check her out over at Curious Creations because you will not be disappointed.  They don’t just sell awesome t-shirts/hoodies but they also have some very pretty dresses like this one:

I’m a Poison Ivy Princess <3

Bret’s great day didn’t end there either.  Again we decided to go and buy a couple of Subways to take back to the hotel with us and just as they got to the end of making mine, they accidently put the wrong sauce on.  Free Subway! Woah! Don’t mind if I do! Funny thing is, on the 10 mile walk back to the carpark, Bret said to me “this is just the most amazing day, I’ve met Ernie Hudson, Auntie Sue gave me the best t-shirt ever and now we’ve got a free Subway”. Awww, bless him, little did he know (or me for that matter) that I was just about to mess it all up.

We eventually got to the carpark and guess what? For the life of me I could not remember where I parked the car.  We looked EVERYWHERE!  One of the parking attendants even starting helping us, well that is until he asked me if I was single and when I replied no he kinda lost interest in helping us.  Go figure?  Anyway, after walking up and down the rows for about 10 minutes I finally found my car! Panic over.  So then we start the 15 minute journey back to the hotel, let me tell you I was so looking forward to getting there, going straight to the bar, ordering a nice cold bottle and tucking into our Subways.  I parked up, full of anticipation, was just about to exit the car and then it dawned on me that I’d left the hotel key back at the NEC!…….

OMFG! Really?  After calling myself all the stupid assholes under the sun, I headed back to the NEC and had to explain to the security at the gates what happened so they would let us back in.  Unfortunately there was a big concert at the Arena that night so the Collectormania hall was already shut up with noone around.  I parked up and stayed with the car while Bret had to go and beg someone to let him back in.  Eventually security came and unlocked the hall just so that Bret could go get our key!  45 minutes later we were back at the hotel.  But no, it doesn’t end there.  We go upstairs to our room and for some reason our key decided not to work and after swiping the thing 100 times we had to admit defeat and go to the desk.  The manager at the desk was very helpful and just took my key to rewrite it, while I was waiting I explained to her what had happened with me leaving it at the NEC.  “Oh you should have just come in and explained what happened”, she said “there’s no information stored on the keys anyway so we could have just rewritten you a new one”!


Shall we just call it a night?

Now I don’t know if it was all the back and forth I had to do the day before but when the alarm went off that morning I honestly couldn’t give a damn about the all-you-can-eat breakfast! Instead, Bret and I both opted for the longer lie-in.  Eventually we got our shit together, checked out and once again headed to the NEC where I let Bret out at a roundabout near to the hall so that he didn’t have to sit in the car getting old!

I’m slowly going insane!!

For us, the Sunday was very slow which always gives us the perfect excuse for some random……

Yep, it’s pointless selfie time over at the PlayBox table

Look! We can do “nice” pointless selfies too!

Now I’m not one to complain 😉 haha, but although I loved having an end of row table (damn it makes life so much easier) did it have to be right under the air conditioning vent?  I can’t even begin to tell you how freaking cold it was.  Yes, I am wearing a summer dress but it was actually hot outside when we arrived.  It got to the point where I actually had to wrap one of our table covers around me because I was actually freezing.  I left Bret at the table so I could go for a little walk around to keep warm and who should come to my rescue?…

Yep, Auntie Sue and her lovely partner Ian from Curious Creations saved the day…

Look it’s Little Black Riding Hood! Only I’m not so little :/

So for the rest of the day I was nice and cozy in my hoodie and will be taking it to all future conventions incase I ever get placed under the air con again.

For us, the day only got slower and slower.  The only good thing about that is the time I had to check out Snapchat’s newest updates!

I bet you can’t spot me ;P

Yep you guessed right! I’m the one on the front right! Or at least that’s how I felt knowing I had a long ass 3 hour drive ahead of me.  And that was after walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall just to get to my car, then drive around the entire NEC to the lorry park, park up outside the hall and walk back and forth 4 times to pack up.  Are you feeling sorry for me yet?

Yes I may moan a lot but I did get home in good time to enjoy a nice bottle of cold Cava.  Oh before I forget, more Snapchat goodies.

WOAH THERE! Camel toe alert! (rest assured it’s NOT mine but who the hell’s is it?)

As always I would like to thank each and every awesome customer we had that weekend and a huge thank you also to Auntie Sue and Ian from Curious Creations for being awesome <3

Our next big show isn’t until LFCC at the end of July but we do have a local one day event to thrill you all with so stay tuned.

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