A quick note about the way I have managed the categories.

In order to avoid certain themes saturating all the categories, I have had to choose the main categories for them.

For example, The Walking Dead could belong in TV Shows, Comics, Video Games and Zombies!  However, I have only used Zombies, TV Shows and Comics as the main categories.  The exception being anything that is Daryl Dixon related as he doesn’t appear in the Comics.

Batman could belong in Comics, TV Shows, Video Games and Movies, however, most of my products don’t really focus on the old TV show so I haven’t included them in that category.

The easiest way to look for your favourite fandoms is by using the handy search bar on the right.  If you just type “The Walking Dead” or “Batman” then all the products in all the different categories will be shown, rather than you go searching through each type of category.

I hope that makes sense and I hope you find it relatively easy finding your way around.  If you do have any problems or even any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.