Brighton Comic Con 2018


Brighton Comic Con! This was a one day event not far from our doorstep so a complete no brainer for us.  Besides, I am rather fond of Brighton and all it’s quirkiness, not to mention the fact that they do have a Primark which means DISNEY!  Hurray for Disney!  Anyway, as I said it was only a one day event, no hotel needed and so it didn’t take a lot of preparation and more importantly, I didn’t have to say a teary goodbye to my little pooch.

The day before the event, Bret and I went to set up.  We decided to arrive a couple of hours early so that we could spend a bit of time doing some shopping therapy first.  Yes, even Bret enjoys splashing the cash every now and then.  To be honest, he was in his element and has decided that from now on, Brighton will be the go-to place for clothes shopping.  I, however, was just happy for Primark.

WOAH! All the Disney!

It doesn’t take much to make me happy!  Next stop was the Grand Hotel to actually get a bit of work done.  Luckily it was a pretty easy process getting our boxes and stock in although the organisers did provide helpers if you needed it which I thought was a nice touch.  We only had the one table so set up took less than 2 hours although no backing wall was going to be a bit of a challenge.

There was no need to stay as long as we had planned to (and booked the carpark for) so we decided to have a quick look around and then head home.  On the way out, I did spot a huge cardboard standee for the movie Rampage.

RAMPAGE! Definitely on my cinema wishlist this year!

Actually, shortly after this convention, I DID go see Rampage but I’ll mention a bit more about that at the end of the post.

The next morning, we left bright and early and headed for Brighton, although this time I had Jesse with me insetad.  No doubt he felt like he had drawn the short straw but I did promise him a Chinese takeaway at the end of the day so not all was a total loss.

It didn’t take long to finish our table, I had to attach our baby bibs to the side of our mannequin necks display and also use the table cloth, it wasn’t great but at least we got some on show.

A quick bathroom break before we started and I was greeted with pretty fresh roses placed inbetween all the wash basins.  How lovely.

How pretty is that? Yeah, I guess you can tell I don’t get out much!

The day went pretty well, it wasn’t super crazy busy or anything but we had a steady flow of customers and people seemed to be enjoying themselves considering it was a very small convention with a limited amount to see and do.  The organisers and helpers were a delight and I can honestly say that they did an amazing job.

You’ll be relieved to know that they were the only selfies we took all day ;P

The last 2 hours were fairly quiet but that’s pretty normal for most conventions.  It wasn’t long before we were packing up and on our way back home to enjoy some well deserved takeout.

So yes, a very short and sweet account of our Brighton Comic Con adventure.  For us, the local conventions are always worth doing and as usual it’s always nice to meet new customers and we really did have some lovely customers at our table.  I’m hoping that they put the same show on again next year and if they do, you’ll definitely see us there.

Okay, lets talk RAMPAGE for a wee minute.  As I mentioned before, I really wanted to see this movie, I’d seen the trailer and it looked pretty cool.  Also the fact that it had Jeffrey Dean Morgan in it, well it’s not like you needed to sell it to me.  Now the movie itself was actually really good, Bret and I went to see it and we did enjoy it.  Plus I think a movie like that does benefit from the big screen when you see it for the first time rather than waiting for the DVD to come out.

As most of you know, or should know by now, I am a MASSIVE Resident Evil fangirl (the games, not the movies) and my favourite character is Chris Redfield.  Infact I own the Chris Redfield Fansite (back in the day I owned about 100 but this is the one I kept hold of). Unfortunately, the movie adaptations of the game aren’t brilliant but even worse than the scripts and the inclusion of a character that has nothing to do with nothing other than the actress being married to the director the casting is just utter crap! I say that politely.  But seriously, it is utter utter shit, other than Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make here?  Well OMG!! I spotted the PERFECT Chris Redfield in the Rampage movie and I mean FREAKING PERFECT.

HOLY FCUK! This is Joe Manganiello <3

And this is MY Chris Redfield <333

Now spot the difference? Ha! It’s a trick question because there are NO differences!!  I was so convinced I actually decided to declare it on Twitter for the whole world to see.  Okay, so the whole world probably didn’t see it but guess who did?  Yep, none other than Joe Manganiello!

I won’t lie, I did wee myself a little

My life is complete! Well not really but if any script writers/directors etc etc out there want to write a DECENT Resident Evil movie then please consider Joe Manganiello as Chris Redfield.  We can overlook the height difference, Joe Maganiello is like 9 foot 8 or something close 😉

Anyway, back to our regular programme, we’ll be at MCM London next weekend, South Hall, AC1 so make sure you stop by and say hi.  We look forward to seeing you all there.

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